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Podnapisi :: Glory

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Glory v jeziku češčina. Datoteka velikosti 47.043 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Češčina Češčina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{1000}{1000}Upozorn?n?|---------------|Tento disk|DVD (Digital Versatile Disc)|je ur?en pouze pro dom?c? u?it?.|Ve?ker? pr?va k obsahov? n?plni|v?etn? zvukov?ho z?znamu|p??slu?? vlastn?ku autorsk?ho pr?va.
{1000}{1000}Neautorizovan? rozmno?ov?n?,|?pravy, projekce jin? ne? pro dom?c?|??ely, pron?jem, v?m?na, p?j?ov?n? a|jak?koli forma p?enosu tohoto disku|DVD nebo jeho ??st? jsou zak?z?ny.|Poru?ov?n? pr?v vlastn?ka autorsk?ho|pr?va bude st?h?no podle platn?ch|pr?vn?ch p?edpis?.
{1000}{1000}R. G. SHAWOVl, SYNOVl Z?MO?N?HO|bostonsk?ho abolicionisty
{1000}{1000}bylo 23 let, kdy? se dobrovoln? p?ihl?sil|do boj? ve v?lce Severu proti Jihu.
{1000}{1000}Pravideln? psal dom?,|aby informoval rodi?e o ?ivot?
{1000}{1003}v tvo??c? se|Potomack? arm?dy.
{1008}{1106}Tyto dopisy jsou ulo?eny v Houghtonsk?|knihovn? Harvardsk? university
{2853}{2886}Drah? maminko::
{2895}{2986}Douf?m, ?e se v?m da?? dob?e|a moc se o m? neboj?te:
{2991}{3055}Nemus?te se b?t,|?e by n?kdo z n?s padl:
{3060}{3166}Proto?e je n?s tu tolik,


{2867}{2958}I hope you are keeping well|and not worrying too much about me:
{2963}{3027}You mustn?t think|any of us are gonna be killed:
{3032}{3138}For they?re collecting such a force|here that an attack would be insane:
{3165}{3234}The Massachusetts men|passed through this morning:
{3240}{3318}How grand it is to meet the men|from all the states:::
{3323}{3373}:::ready to fight for their country:::
{3379}{3449}:::as the old fellows did|in the Revolution:
{3455}{3541}But this time we must make it|a whole country:::
{3546}{3648}::: for all who live here,|so that all can speak:
{3685}{3728}Before this war began:::
{3734}{3816}:::many of my regiment|had never seen a Negro:
{3821}{3895}But now the roads are choked|with the dispossessed:
{3926}{4024}We fight for men and women|whose poetry is not yet written:::
{4030}{4148}:::but which will presently be|as enviable and as renowned as any:
{4188}{4253}Last night we heard|of yet another defeat:::
{4259}{4299}:::but we are not disheartened:

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