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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 2

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{734}{807}We've started our descent.|Please put your seatback up.
{811}{857}Let me help you.
{893}{951}-Thanks.|-You're welcome.
{1040}{1120}Sir, please put your seatback up.
{1918}{2010}-Is your boyfriend meeting you?|-The old one or the young one?
{2058}{2111}The married one|or the single one?
{2339}{2398}Hello!|Are you coming to pick me up?
{2402}{2453}Xiang, I'm with a patient.
{2464}{2551}I've heard that one before,|Brian!
{2559}{2663}-Are you with your wife?|-I really am with a patient.
{2682}{2724}Okay, don't come, then.
{2728}{2781}You don't ever have to pick me|up again.
{2813}{2879}Let me call you back.
{3071}{3125}Sandy, my precious?
{3129}{3208}Was your birthday trip fun?
{3212}{3255}It was okay.
{3259}{3373}Dad, our daughter's|going away.
{3385}{3435}Say a few words.
{3486}{3565}You're glued to that game,|Sandy.
{3573}{3613}You'll go blind!
{3647}{3677}Yeah, sure.
{3682}{3746}-Look at this, Dad.|-Here's the luggage now.

{1295}{1338}Lily, my dear.
{1342}{1408}No more, no more. I beg you.
{1413}{1464}The more you resist|the more excited I get.
{1468}{1559}Please, I really can't.
{1563}{1618}-Lily! Come on.|-I'm begging you.
{1622}{1681}Really, no more.
{1713}{1758}No more.
{1943}{2040}-Lily, come on. Don't run!|-I really can't!
{2324}{2426}You won't find twin girls|in Taiwan...
{2430}{2520}-...half as talented as mine.|-No kidding?
{2525}{2628}The big labels approached me,|but I'm holding back.
{2632}{2732}The majors, you name it.|I'm not doing business with them.
{2737}{2798}Why's that?
{2802}{2836}Why, you ask?
{2859}{2955}Hello? Hi, sweetheart.
{2969}{3032}What's the time there?|You're still up?
{3036}{3113}You should be in bed by now.
{3125}{3212}Mommy's having lunch|with friends.
{3217}{3301}It's noisy.|No, you don't know them.
{3305}{3374}They're all new friends.
{3427}{3470}You don't know them.
{3495}{3619}I've been busy playing tennis,|and dancing and hiking too.

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