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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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All About Eve (1950)-en.sub

{45}{283}Subtitles synchronized by ShooCat
{1599}{1709}The Sarah Siddons Award|is perhaps unknown to you.
{1711}{1781}It has been spared the sensational publicity
{1783}{1865}of such questionable honours|as the Pulitzer Prize
{1867}{1985}and those awards presented annually|by that... film society.
{1987}{2083}The distinguished-looking gentleman|is an extremely old actor.
{2083}{2167}Being an actor,|he will go on speaking for some time.
{2167}{2241}It is not important that you hear what he says.
{2244}{2347}However, it is important that you know|where you are and why you are here.
{2349}{2435}This is the dining hall|of the Sarah Siddons Society.
{2438}{2570}It is the annual banquet and presentation|of the highest honour our theatre has:
{2572}{2658}the Sarah Siddons Award for|Distinguished Achievement.
{2661}{2728}These hallowed walls,|indeed many of these faces,
{2730}{2831}have looked upon Modjeska,|Ada Rehan and Minnie Fiske.
{2833}{2910}Mansfield's voice filled this room.
{2913}{3006}It is u

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 All About Eve (1950)

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