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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Amadeus v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 31.616 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{1158}{1230}Forgive your assassin!
{1254}{1325}I confess, I killed you!
{1386}{1423}S, I killed you, Mozart.
{1431}{1511}Mozart, "piet"!|Forgive your assassin!
{1522}{1589}Forgive me, Mozart!
{1646}{1719}Signore Salieri,|open the door, be good now!
{1750}{1819}Signore, we have|something special for you.
{1828}{1880}Something you're going to love.
{1997}{2043}Is that good!
{2101}{2161}Signore, believe me...
{2169}{2241}...this is the most delicious thing|I ever ate in my life!
{2295}{2355}Really, you don't know|what you're miss...
{2506}{2567}All right, that's enough!|Open the door.
{2669}{2742}Signore, if you don't|open this door...
{2751}{2822}...we're gonna leave nothing|for you.
{2830}{2896}And I'm never gonna come|see you again!
{7201}{7234}Good morning, Father.
{7960}{7987}Herr Salieri?
{8824}{8862}Leave me alone.
{9018}{9077}I cannot leave alone a soul in pain.
{9133}{9177}Do you know who I am?
{9218}{9270}That makes no difference.


{32}{120}Gentlemen, I've just|heard some news...
{134}{175}...that may interest you.|- What?
{180}{220}Mozart is writing a new opera.
{240}{280}An Italian opera.
{370}{400}That's not all.
{420}{460}He has chosen for his subject, Figaro.
{470}{510}The Marriage of Figaro.
{600}{640}He's setting that play to music?
{750}{790}What is this "Marriage of Figaro"?
{850}{890}It's a French play, Kapellmeister.
{910}{950}It has been banned by the emperor.
{970}{1000}You're absolutely sure?
{1250}{1290}Gentlemen, sit down.
{1409}{1501}Are you aware that I have declared|the French play "Figaro"...
{1511}{1552}...unsuitable for our theater?
{1588}{1610}Yes, sire.
{1647}{1712}Yet we hear you're making an|opera from it.
{1728}{1755}Is this true?
{1852}{1879}Who told you this, Majesty?
{1906}{1973}It is not your place to ask questions.
{1993}{2016}Is it true?
{2031}{2057}Yes, I...
{2088}{2124}I admit it is.
{2193}{2228}Would you tell me why?
{2306}{2363}Majesty, it

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