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Podnapisi :: Amarcord (1973)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Amarcord (1973) v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 27.188 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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Amarcord (1973, Federico Fellini) CD1.sub

{2759}{2947}"I REMEMBER"
{3110}{3141}The puffballs!
{3185}{3284}When the puffballs come,|cold winter's almost gone.
{3470}{3530}When the puffballs soar,|then winter's no more.
{3594}{3635}I've got the best one!
{3650}{3704}Ciccio, let's go to the seashore.
{4099}{4200}In our town, the puffballs|and spring arrive together.
{4254}{4394}These are puffballs that are|drifting around.
{4398}{4502}Soaring over the cemetery,|where all rest in peace...
{4506}{4629}Soaring over the beach-front|and over the Germans, just arrived,
{4634}{4701}who don't feel the cold...
{4705}{4763}Drifting, drifting...
{4814}{4876}Swirling... swirling...
{4894}{4964}Drifting, drifting, drifting!
{4994}{5074}I'm the last of fourteen children
{5078}{5169}by then my father had had enough,|so he called me "Definitivo."
{5179}{5270}Had he had enough sooner, there'd|have been one less chatterer.
{5282}{5309}Good evening.
{5325}{5353}See you in the square.
{5445}{5542}I've come for my sister. Is it|to

Amarcord (1973, Federico Fellini) CD2.sub

{20}{52}Hello, Uncle!|Hello, Teo!
{81}{120}How are you?|-And how are you?
{122}{164}I'm fine, I go to school.
{226}{289}Guess where we're taking you today?
{293}{326}To eat "passatelli" at the farm.
{365}{408}What do you think of that?
{421}{478}Look, Dad's here too.|He's a lovely lad!
{512}{565}Give Dad a kiss.
{613}{661}How's he?|-He's normal.
{680}{734}He's grown, hasn't he?|He's in the fifth grade.
{738}{792}And he got dead drunk|the other night.
{853}{917}How are you keeping?|-I'm much better.
{926}{1025}Mamma, the pastries!|Uncle, Mamma brought you pastries.
{1079}{1113}We'll be back before evening.
{1163}{1194}Have a smoke on me.
{1356}{1400}Is Father Pazzaglia still alive?
{1426}{1485}He's been dead ten years now.
{1490}{1541}He's been gone quite a time!
{1545}{1609}He was alive last year.|-That was Father Amadeo.
{1655}{1738}Is he dead as well?|-No, he's alive.
{1753}{1794}Exactly, that's what I was saying.
{1813}{1914}I saw him last year, walking|along with a bunch of flowers.

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