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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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American Graffiti.txt

{2897}{2987}Hey, Curt, you guys gonna have|a little bash your last night in town?
{2989}{3024}Moose has been|lookin' for you all day.
{3026}{3095}He got worried. Thought you were|tryin' to avoid him.
{3097}{3163}What do you got?
{3165}{3275}- Oh, great.|- That's $2,000, man. $2,000!
{3277}{3360}Mr.Jennings gave it to me|to give to you. He's sorry it's late.
{3361}{3420}It's the first scholarship|the Moose Lodge has given out.
{3423}{3505}He says they're all very proud of you|back at the lodge.
{3507}{3586}- Why don't you hold it for me?|- I don't want it. Take it. It's yours.
{3588}{3618}I'll take it.
{3678}{3744}Listen, your sister calls.|I'll talk to you later.
{3746}{3810}- Wait a second. She can wait.|- Make it short and sweet, huh?
{3812}{3916}Listen, I don't think|I'm gonna be going tomorrow.
{3957}{4012}Come on.|What are you talking about?
{4015}{4131}I was thinkin' I could wait a year,|go to City for a while.
{4133}{4180}You chicken fink.
{4182}{4229}After all we went through|to get ac

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