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Podnapisi :: American Psycho (Unrated Version)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film American Psycho (Unrated Version) v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 29.827 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{9}{90}If they have a good personality and they|are not great looking, then who fucking cares ?
{92}{138}Let's just say|hypothetically, okay ?
{140}{194}What if they have|a good personality ?
{195}{270}I know.|I know.
{272}{334}There are no girls|with good personalities.
{336}{404}A good personality consists|of a chick with a little hard body...
{406}{452}who will satisfy|all sexual demands...
{454}{500}without being too slutty|about things...
{502}{548}and who will essentially keep|her dumb fucking mouth shut.
{550}{597}The only girls|with good personalities...
{599}{676}who are smart or maybe funny|or halfway intelligent or talented--
{678}{746}though God knows what the fuck that means--|are ugly chicks.
{748}{803}Absolutely. And this is because|they have to make up...
{805}{848}for how fucking|unattractive they are.
{850}{927}- Do you know what Ed Gein said about women ?|- Maitre d' at Canal Bar ?
{929}{1024}- No, serial killer, Wisconsin, in the 50s.|- And what did Ed say ?


{2770}{2824}Our pasta this evening...
{2826}{2888}is squid ravioli|in a lemon grass broth...
{2890}{2991}with goat cheese profiteroles,|and I also have an arugula Caesar salad.
{2993}{3074}For entrees this evening, I have|swordfish meatloaf with onion marmalade,
{3076}{3156}rare roasted partridge breast in|raspberry coulis with a sorrel timbale.
{3158}{3235}...and grilled free-range rabbit|with herbed french fries.
{3237}{3328}Our pasta tonight is a squid ravioli|in a lemon grass broth.
{3436}{3537}God, I hate this place. It's a chick's|restaurant. Why aren't we at Dorsia ?
{3539}{3587}Because Bateman won't give|the maitre d' head.
{3656}{3709}Is that Reed Robinson|over there ?
{3711}{3784}- Are you freebasing or what ?|That's not Robinson. Well, who is it then ?
{3786}{3857}- It's Paul Allen.|- That's not Paul Allen.
{3859}{3916}Paul Allen's on the other side|of the room over there.
{3918}{3966}Who's he with ?|Some weasel from Kicker Peabody.
{3968}{4012}They don't have a good ba

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