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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Analyze This-eng.txt

{1119}{1176}1957 was a big year.
{1182}{1244}The Russians put that Sputnik|into outer space.
{1250}{1318}The Dodgers played their last game|at Ebbets Field...
{1324}{1358}and said goodbye to Brooklyn.
{1364}{1452}That guy, he shot Frank Costello|in the head and missed.
{1458}{1558}The Gallo brothers whacked|Albert Anastasia in that barbershop.
{1564}{1607}It was total chaos.
{1613}{1699}With Anastasia out, Vito Genovese|figures he's the big boss.
{1709}{1733}But Carlo Gambino...
{1739}{1792}and Joe Bananas had other ideas.
{1800}{1835}So they called a meeting.
{1846}{1882}A big meeting.
{2122}{2215}It was the first time the whole|Commission would meet face to face.
{2221}{2290}Bosses and wiseguys were coming|from all over the country...
{2296}{2343}and all the|New York families too.
{2349}{2410}Maybe 50 bosses,|the whole wiseguy world...
{2416}{2484}all coming to this|little town upstate.
{2719}{2800}My father went with Dom Manetta|and Tommy D. Fat Tommy.
{2806}{2845}He was running the famil

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