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Podnapisi :: Around the World in 80 Days

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Around the World in 80 Days v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 29.824 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 1

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{4292}{4396}Today I will finally achieve|what has been deemed impossible
{4395}{4492}Man can break the|50-mile-per-hour speed barrier
{4467}{4534}And you are lucky|enough to be a part of it
{4503}{4536}"It surely shall, sir"
{4581}{4641}Yes. We will make history...
{4642}{4683}or die trying
{4734}{4795}Die...? This is very exciting
{4830}{4921}"I refuse to be catapulted|electrocuted..."
{4942}{5015}or have my internal organs|disrupted any longer!
{5062}{5108}I quit
{5170}{5230}He is a very sick man
{5246}{5314}The electrocution was not my fault!
{5453}{5520}You refused to wear|the rubber underpants!
{5671}{5735}Is there no man brave|enough to be my valet?
{5757}{5808}L"m your new valet
{5828}{5892}I must commend the valet service
{5865}{5899}on their impeccable foresight
{5944}{6000}But they know I only|accept French valets
{6027}{6105}Yes. Oui
{6067}{6103}I come from a long line
{6153}{6231}of French valets on my father"s side
{6199}{6235}"Very, very French"


{657}{714}You look troubled
{726}{787}I cannot keep lying to Mr. Fogg
{791}{830}You did what you had to
{840}{902}The fate of your village|is of far greater...
{906}{955}importance than any bet|Phileas has made
{968}{1049}If he loses, all it will cost|him is some money and pride
{1065}{1137}No. Mr. Fogg will lose|much more than that
{1162}{1212}What do you mean?
{1351}{1387}My village!
{1482}{1504}Your village?
{1556}{1632}I mean..."My, what a village!"
{1636}{1679}Lt"s beautiful!
{1697}{1744}We do need to stop and re-supply
{1746}{1806}but we must be off by morning
{2297}{2589}Lau Xing, Lau Xing
{2627}{2699}Lau Xing, you have returned!
{2716}{2755}That"s quite a welcome
{2786}{2821}Do these people know him?
{2826}{2849}It must be their custom
{2854}{2895}the way they welcome all strangers
{2912}{2939}Lau Xing!
{3169}{3286}Children, please give my friends|the same greeting
{3532}{3620}My son, you are home!
{3902}{3940}Who is that man?
{3980}{4030}He"s my valet

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