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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Assassins v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 28.328 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Assassins CD2.txt

{335}{380}You'll get it.
{953}{979}Fuck you.
{1184}{1233}I don't care what you are.
{1388}{1421}Fuck you!
{1845}{1899}Then who the hell's Miguel Bain?
{2361}{2413}Who the hell is Miguel Bain?
{2978}{3032}What'd they say about the shooting?
{3066}{3122}I don't need details, just in general.
{3170}{3211}Not really. Not if....
{3214}{3239}If what?
{3256}{3302}The CIA or Interpol....
{3396}{3427}What's on this?
{3458}{3490}It's encrypted.
{3494}{3584}Breaking the code on my lap top|could take 200 or 300 years.
{3600}{3637}Aren't you a genius?
{3644}{3668}I am.
{3672}{3740}I was the best.|If it was stored electronically, it was mine.
{3802}{3850}Yeah, I'm retiring too.
{3894}{3936}I wish I had an insight...
{3940}{4026}...but it was anonymous,|an intercepted satellite transmission.
{4032}{4096}Probably just industrial secrets.
{4194}{4230}There's one bed.
{4238}{4284}I guess you noticed that.

Assassins CD1.txt

{3526}{3564}Son of a bitch!
{3597}{3652}When I first saw you, I wasn't scared.
{3654}{3714}Just wondered why you wore those boots.
{3718}{3746}Now I know.
{4578}{4634}We've both played this game, Rath.
{4662}{4718}What kind of shoes will you be wearing...
{4720}{4761}...when your day comes?
{4802}{4855}I'll double the contract.
{4860}{4902}Say you couldn't find me.
{5015}{5047}Listen to me.
{5052}{5094}I'm talking like a mark!
{5427}{5466}Don't pull yet.
{5470}{5500}Not yet.
{5550}{5608}I've killed a few innocents in my time.
{5634}{5709}You're so high and mighty!|You and your principles!
{5734}{5799}Someone had to do|the jobs you wouldn't do.
{5874}{5920}I can't die like this!
{5934}{5973}I'm not a mark.
{5997}{6034}Not like a mark.
{6477}{6508}It's chambered.
{6693}{6730}Thanks, Rath.
{6885}{6922}Good-bye, old friend.
{10946}{11020}I don't care what you believe. I've had it.
{11024}{11072}I want out. I quit.
{11184}{11240}Go away, you son of a bitch.
{11495}{11531}You should be.

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