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Podnapisi :: Betty blue 37.2 le matin

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Betty blue 37.2 le matin v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 35.461 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 1

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Betty Blue - CD2 - Eng - 25fps - 1986.sub

{50}{130}The dairyman next door|is an albino... and a redhead.
{202}{251}A redhead albino in a white coat,
{258}{331}with a bottle of milk in each hand.|Can you imagine that?
{338}{384}It would give me the creeps.
{418}{500}It would give you the creeps.|That's exactly how I felt.
{518}{551}Pass the sugar.
{610}{656}Albino... weirdo.
{706}{823}We should do some work around here.|It's not exactly modern.
{830}{890}Jesus, some people|have got a nerve.
{899}{922}Come and see.
{958}{992}Get a move on.
{1000}{1022}Look at that!
{1029}{1087}- What's wrong?|- The car on the sidewalk.
{1094}{1132}He's got a nerve.
{1142}{1195}You mean he's a fucking bastard.|I'll show him...
{1202}{1247}What a nerve. A yellow one too.
{1258}{1296}It's a real beauty.
{1322}{1364}Look at the finish on it.
{1386}{1436}I bet the dumb jerk left the keys.
{1454}{1481}Have you gone mad?
{1488}{1520}Let's go for a drive.
{1530}{1551}No, you're crazy.
{1558}{1588}Come down, Betty.
{1614}{1638}Come on...

Betty Blue - CD1 - Eng - 25fps - 1986.sub

{362}{524}BETTY BLUE
{625}{1000}by /
{4582}{4636}I had known Betty for a week.
{4658}{4696}We made love every night.
{4726}{4764}The forecast was for storms.
{6802}{6856}Now for a nice little shower!
{7606}{7660}First time we've met in daylight.
{7726}{7760}You're much too early!
{7807}{7888}So what? How do I look?
{8006}{8040}What do you think?
{8090}{8124}Do I please you?
{8383}{8448}Eating all that chili by yourself?
{8475}{8519}In this heat? You're mad.
{8526}{8616}I'll eat chili no matter|how hot it is, Betty.
{8684}{8748}Me too, I'm starving!
{8782}{8820}Glad to see me?
{8962}{9000}They're all bastards!
{9090}{9160}Forget it. Kiss me!
{9278}{9312}All bastards!
{9338}{9399}No wonder a girl|ends up splitting!
{9406}{9459}Wait, explain, I don't get you.
{9466}{9531}Why don't you ever listen to me?
{9538}{9588}I do listen! I'm listening!
{9706}{9764}I expect more|from a guy than sex!
{9918}{9996}To think I spent a year in that

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