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Podnapisi :: Black Adder Season 2

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Black Adder Season 2 v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 67.844 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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season 2/Blackadder - 2.01 - Bells (EN).sub

{1008}{1130}Father, I must speak. I can be silent no longer.
{1136}{1234}All day long you mutter to yourself,|gibber, dribble, moan
{1240}{1348}and bat your head against the wall,|yelling: "I want to die!"
{1354}{1447}Now you may say|I'm leaping to conclusions, but...
{1453}{1564}'re not completely happy, are you?
{1570}{1623}- It's mother, isn't it?|- No, it's not.
{1629}{1672}You're brooding over her death.
{1678}{1814}Kate, for the final time, your mother is|not dead. She's run off with Uncle Henry.
{1820}{1909}Dear Father, I know you only|say such things to comfort me.
{1915}{2006}Your mother is alive and well|and living in Droitwich.
{2012}{2058}It is not her I brood over.
{2064}{2176}I'm sad because, my darling, our poverty|has now reached such extremes
{2182}{2245}that I can no longer afford to keep us.
{2251}{2401}I must look to my own dear tiny darling|to sustain me in my frail dotage.
{2407}{2493}- But Father, surely...|- Yes, Kate.
{2499}{2589}I want you to become a prostitute.

season 2/Blackadder - 2.02 - Head (EN).sub

{930}{999}Right, Baldrick, let's try again, shall we?
{1005}{1061}This is called adding.
{1067}{1221}If I have two beans, and then I add|two more beans, what do I have?
{1227}{1282}Some beans.
{1288}{1384}Yes... and no. Let's try again, shall we?
{1390}{1500}I have two beans, then I add two|more beans, what does that make?
{1506}{1571}A very small casserole.
{1577}{1690}Baldrick, the ape creatures of the|Indus have mastered this.
{1696}{1795}Now try again. One, two, three, four.
{1801}{1866}- So how many are there?|- Three.
{1872}{1968}- And that one.|- Three and that one.
{1974}{2041}So if I add that one|to the three, what will I have?
{2047}{2109}Oh! Some beans.
{2115}{2190}To you, Baldrick, the Renaissance
{2196}{2268}was just something that happened|to other people, wasn't it?
{2274}{2417}Edmund, Edmund, come quickly,|the Queen wants to see you!
{2423}{2507}- What are you wearing round your neck?|- It's my new ruff.
{2513}{2599}You look like a bird who's swallowed a plate.

season 2/Blackadder - 2.03 - Potato (EN).sub

{1010}{1098}- Coming?|- No.
{1171}{1304}- It'll be a once in a lifetime experience.|- No it won't.
{1370}{1441}- Everybody's going.|- Don't exaggerate, Percy.
{1447}{1549}I'm not going,|Mrs Miggins from the pie shop isn't going.
{1555}{1705}You know perfectly well that Mrs Miggins|is bedridden from the nose down.
{1711}{1782}And besides, she is honouring the occasion
{1788}{1940}by baking a great commemorative pie,|in the shape of an enormous pie!
{1946}{2019}What an imagination that woman has.|(CROWD CHEERING OUTSIDE)
{2025}{2130}Come on, Edmund! The greatest|explorer of our age is coming home.
{2136}{2252}The streets have never been so gay!|Women are laughing, children singing...
{2258}{2361}Look! There's a man being indecently|assaulted by nine foreign sailors
{2367}{2432}and he's still got a smile on his face!
{2438}{2555}Look, Percy, the return of Sir Walter|"Oh, what a big ship I've got" Raleigh
{2561}{2637}is a matter of supreme indifference to me.
{2643}{2764}Look, if you're not careful,

season 2/Blackadder - 2.04 - Money (EN).sub

{1077}{1121}Go away!
{1127}{1236}My lord, there is someone|at the door to see you.
{1242}{1296}- What time is it?|- Four o'clock.
{1302}{1465}You mustn't let me sleep all day.|This woman charges by the hour.
{1471}{1530}No, my lord, it's four o'clock in the morning.
{1536}{1606}Someone wants to see me|at four in the morning?
{1612}{1719}- What is he, a giant lark?|- No, he's a priest.
{1725}{1793}Tell him I'm Jewish.
{1799}{1862}Aren't you going to introduce me, then?
{1868}{1969}Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?
{1975}{2052}Baldrick, I'm delighted to introduce you to ...
{2058}{2141}- Sorry, I've forgotten your name.|- Mollie.
{2147}{2253}- This is Mollie. A dear friend.|- I'm not dear.
{2259}{2330}I'm very reasonable actually, Baldrick.
{2336}{2453}Most would charge an extra sixpence|for all the things he wants to do.
{2459}{2537}Baldrick, this is Mollie.|An inexpensive prostitute.
{2543}{2654}Mollie, this is Baldrick. A pointless peasant.
{2660}{2762}- What about the priest?

season 2/Blackadder - 2.05 - Beer (EN).sub

{945}{1084}I must say it was jolly nice of you|to ask me to share your breakfast.
{1090}{1219}It is said that civilised man seeks|out good and intelligent company.
{1225}{1332}Through learned discourse, he may|rise above savage and closer to God.
{1338}{1372}Yes, I've heard that.
{1378}{1491}I like to start the day with a dickhead|to remind me I'm best.
{1497}{1575}Beshrew me, Edmund! You're in good fooling.
{1581}{1651}Don't say 'beshrew me',|Only stupid actors say that.
{1657}{1734}Oh, how I would love to be an actor!
{1740}{1846}I had great talent for it.|I was the man of a thousand faces.
{1852}{1938}How'd you come to choose|the ugly mug you've got now?
{1944}{2016}- Tush, my lord.|- Don't say 'tush' either.
{2022}{2152}It's a short step from 'tush' to|'hey nonny' and then I'll call the police.
{2158}{2258}God pats me on the head and says:|"Good boy, Edmund!"
{2264}{2332}My aunt and uncle, Lord and Lady Whiteadder...
{2338}{2389}..the two most fanatical puritans in England...

season 2/Blackadder - 2.06 - Chains (EN).sub

{869}{936}Get out, libidinous swine!
{942}{1017}And take that whore slut|painted strumpet with you!
{1023}{1108}May you both rot|in the filth of your own fornication!
{1114}{1230}- And what did you say to him?|- Say, Madam? I said nothing.
{1236}{1318}I pulled up my tights|and jumped out of the privy window.
{1324}{1401}Edmund, you are so naughty!
{1407}{1456}Well, I try, Madam.
{1462}{1565}And then ten minutes later when|I've got my breath back, I try again.
{1571}{1648}Perhaps we can move on|to more important matters.
{1654}{1699}- Must we?|- I fear so.
{1705}{1798}Lord Forest's son has been kidnapped...
{1804}{1925}.. and begs you to pay the ransom.|- Edmund, what would you say?
{1931}{2029}I have had experience of this dreadful situation.
{2035}{2155}Last year my aunt asked for my help|in the ransom of my Uncle Osric.
{2161}{2236}Then you know something|of the dreadful pain involved.
{2242}{2344}And can suggest no better answer|than the one I gave to her.
{2350}{2427}- Which was?|- "Get st

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