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Podnapisi :: Black Cat, White Cat

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Black Cat, White Cat v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 32.723 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 3

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Black Cat, White Cat CD1.txt

{689}{765}Who's dealing, you or me?
{839}{906}One card for you...
{910}{959} card for me.
{963}{1014}Three for you, one for me.
{1018}{1076}Four for me, one for you.
{1080}{1122}Five for me.
{1184}{1234}Rotten hand.
{1238}{1274}You're playing funny.
{1278}{1364}You don't want...? Don't get mad.
{1369}{1418}I was only asking.
{1422}{1486}How many cards do you want?|Three?
{2285}{2333}Are you going to give me a break?
{2337}{2377}I have a bad hand.
{2381}{2463}Wait till you see what I'm going to do.|Moron.
{2468}{2509}This will be my victory.
{2736}{2794}Did you see how brilliant...?
{2798}{2870}Show your hand...|Don't get mad.
{3028}{3083}You, don't interrupt me...
{3087}{3130}...or you'll be sorry.
{3134}{3212}When I get married,|buy me a truck like that.
{3216}{3301}I take two.|And you? None? Great.
{3351}{3405}Two for me.
{3422}{3519}Lovely hand. Three Aces.|-Swanker.
{3524}{3578}Promise, when I get married.
{3582}{3634}Four Sevens.

Black Cat, White Cat CD2.txt

{82}{121}Damn tie.
{185}{255}Save me, grandpa. Don't let me be married.
{547}{596}I'll drink his blood.
{616}{660}Take it easy.
{711}{771}Give me that gun. Calm down.
{777}{821}The gun.|-I'll finish him.
{920}{965}You should be ashamed of yourself.
{971}{1006}Give me that gun.
{1021}{1086}Relax. Keep cool.
{1284}{1332}I'll teach him.
{1455}{1539}I know what I have to do.
{1548}{1620}I don't want to.|-Listen.
{1626}{1686}I was nearly dead. Listen.
{1692}{1758}Her brother Dadan|is a war criminal.
{1764}{1810}He'll exterminate our family.
{1816}{1903}He'll drink our blood.|-But she's a midget.
{1908}{1993}O mirror, the dead with the dead...
{1999}{2068}....the living with the living,|the children with their father.
{2075}{2140}For two months.|Then you get a divorce.
{2195}{2253}...the dead with the dead...
{2289}{2329}I don't want to marry.
{2492}{2535}I won't.
{2702}{2838}I'll prevent the marriage in an|elegant manner.
{3121}{3170}You'll get punished.

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