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Podnapisi :: Blueberry (2004)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Blueberry (2004) v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 13.470 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 1

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{5448}{5539}He's dead
{5566}{5674}And now it's my turn
{5696}{5828}I'm leaving this world
{5853}{6003}I'm leaving my memories
{6068}{6119}I see...
{6164}{6243}I see the kid
{6282}{6378}kid that I was
{6438}{6496}I see...
{6988}{7009}What are you doing out here?
{7012}{7093}Oh, I've been hired to escort|this one out to his uncle's
{7096}{7134}Parents can't handle|him no more
{7136}{7226}You ask me, he was left too long|to suckle on a negro pap
{7228}{7298}His uncle's got a ranch|in a town called Palomito
{7301}{7375}Maybe he can put some|starch in the boy
{8729}{8801}I'm the uncle|Give me the money, sir
{8804}{8856}The money...|Here's your damned money!
{8859}{8918}- It's all yours|- It's not damned money
{8922}{8981}- It's money blessed by God|- Go to hell!
{9073}{9128}Est- ce qu'il y a tout I'argent|la- dedans?
{9131}{9212}Et toi la? Je t'aurais garde un chien|de ma chienne la!
{9236}{9283}Qu'est- ce que tu regardes la?|Allez viens


{55}{89}I'll be damned
{91}{161}You're fixing to shoot me|with my own gun!
{238}{273}That ain't right
{286}{336}You're the son of a bitch, Mike
{339}{386}I guess maybe
{400}{447}you never got over
{536}{581}that thing what I did
{584}{637}Fils de putain!
{690}{776}In fact|you did me a favour
{778}{852}I died, but I came back
{855}{944}And now, I'm heading for|the Sacred Mountains
{1067}{1137}But first
{1139}{1224}some truth, The same way|that you've done for me
{1770}{1817}you want what's real?
{1829}{1890}And I won't deceive you
{2305}{2375}You wanna know|what I saw in the fire?
{2586}{2624}I saw
{2669}{2702}funny shapes
{2851}{2970}funny little black tongues|licking my soul
{3307}{3405}I'm going to learn to kill
{3415}{3518}To kill|with my spirit
{3557}{3613}It's nice to see you again
{3729}{3816}Mike, Mike|Come on, come on
{4347}{4430}I think you'd better go|and find your mummy, OK?
{4733}{4757}Follow us
{4772}{4813}Take me to Runi
{4832}{4916}We get

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