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Podnapisi :: Bones Season 1 Ep10-12

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Datum: 29.06.2008

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Bones S01e10 - hdtv-XviD - The Woman at the

00:00:00,260 --> 00:00:04,448
These remains, dating from the Iron Age,
were found at the bottom of shaft 3 of the site.

00:00:04,831 --> 00:00:06,943
There were 5 sets of human remains found.

00:00:06,978 --> 00:00:08,460
This is the only one found whole.

00:00:08,495 --> 00:00:11,548
He's in good shape.
- 1500 years old, he shouldn't look this good.

00:00:11,583 --> 00:00:15,724
Which is why we're here.
We'd be going to authenticate

00:00:15,724 --> 00:00:17,269
the finest set of human remains
from the Iron Age ever found,

00:00:17,306 --> 00:00:19,700
or dash the hopes of a thousand scholars.

00:00:20,484 --> 00:00:21,578
Let me know what turns out.

00:00:22,820 --> 00:00:25,721
Dr Goodman, this is extremely prestigious!
Aren't you going to be part of the team?

00:00:25,756 --> 00:00:27,397
No, I have an institution to run.

00:00:27,432 --> 00:00:29,338
Didn't you use to be an archaeologist?

00:00:29,662 --> 00:00:32,74

Bones S01e11 - hdtv-XviD - The Woman in the

00:00:01:movie info: XVID 624x352 23.976fps 350.1 MB|
00:00:01:{y:i}I'm Stacey Goodyear, and joining me on Wake Up, DC!
00:00:04:{y:i}is Dr. Temperance Brennan.
00:00:06:She's the author of the best-selling mystery novel
00:00:09:Bred in the Bone.
00:00:11:And she's also- now, tell me if I get this wrong-
00:00:14:an anthropologist who works with the FBI to solve crimes?
00:00:21:Yes, that's correct.
00:00:23:I use the bones of people who have been murdered
00:00:27:or burned, or blown up,
00:00:30:or eaten by animals or insects, or just decomposed...
00:00:36:Well, that's exciting.
00:00:38:Uh, Dr. Brennan, your book
00:00:40:has sold over 300,000 copies.
00:00:44:How do you juggle twin careers as a best-selling author
00:00:47:and crime-fighting scientist?
00:00:50:Well, I do one then the other.
00:00:56:And is the work enjoyable?
00:00:58:I mean, the part involving rotten bodies?
00:01:04:Satisfying, yes,
00:01:06:like cracking a code, but in general,

Bones S01e12 - hdtv-XviD - The Superhero in the

{1}{72}movie info: XVID 608x336 23.976fps 349.0 MB|
{5006}{5112}{y:i}in the neighborhood.
{5114}{5236}BOOTH:|{y:i}Every family|{y:i}has its secrets, Bones.
{5248}{5341}This was Warren's room.
{5343}{5454}No one's been up here since the|detective first looked it over.
{5456}{5498}The news said there was|hardly anything left of him.
{5600}{5645}Can you think of anyone|who might have wanted
{5646}{5709}to... harm Warren in any way?
{5711}{5751}He was always by himself.
{5753}{5836}No friends, no enemies.
{5837}{5907}Spent all his time up here|with his comic books
{5908}{5934}and toys.
{5936}{5994}He was a lonely kid.
{5996}{6063}Boy died before he even|had a life.
{6064}{6128}I really thought|he had just run away.
{6252}{6294}We tried.
{6295}{6328}Tried to get him|out of this place,
{6330}{6417}into some kind of real life.
{6418}{6497}I even got him a job|at the bowling alley,
{6499}{6637}but... he just spent|all his money on this stuff.

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