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Podnapisi :: Bones Season 1 Ep19-22

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Datum: 29.06.2008

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Bones S01e19 - hdtv-XviD - The Man in the

00:00:00,967 --> 00:00:03,534
Even all these months
after Katrina ravaged

00:00:03,767 --> 00:00:05,733
the city of New Orleans,
human remains

00:00:05,800 --> 00:00:07,267
are being found in devastated

00:00:07,334 --> 00:00:09,100
neighborhoods around the city.

00:00:09,867 --> 00:00:13,067
Cadaver dogs are being used
to search for 2,300 people

00:00:13,134 --> 00:00:14,700
still unaccounted for.

00:00:14,767 --> 00:00:17,268
Makeshift morgues
still exist in warehouses,

00:00:17,334 --> 00:00:20,167
schools and churches
throughout the area.

00:00:20,234 --> 00:00:21,800
Officials are finally
beginning to admit

00:00:21,867 --> 00:00:25,167
what many people have know
since the levees broke long ago:

00:00:25,234 --> 00:00:28,834
many of these people
will never be found.

00:00:28,901 --> 00:00:31,201
You look tired, Mike.
Late night?


Bones S01e20 - hdtv-XviD - The Graft in the

00:00:01:movie info: XVID 624x352 23.976fps 349.5 MB|
00:00:05:Uh,agent booth?
00:00:08:This is the pediatric cancer floor of a hospital.
00:00:12:Mm-hmm. Yeah.
00:00:13:Right.Well,what I'm about to show deputy director cullen is kind of gruesome.
00:00:19:Why are we meeting cullen here?
00:00:20:Because he's the deputy director of the fbi,
00:00:22:and this is where he wants us to show it to him.
00:00:27:Okay,listen,about a month ago his daughter amy was diagnosed with cancer--
00:00:34:mesothelioma--lung cancer.
00:00:36:Exactly.She's not doing so well.
00:00:38:So it's a lot easier for us to come to him right now.
00:00:44:Nothing. It's just that's an extremely rare form of lung cancer.
00:00:48:Odd for someone amy's age to contract...
00:00:49:no,no,no.No probing,okay?
00:00:52:Not to cullen,not to his family.This'll take five minutes.We go in there,
00:00:56:we do the show-and-tell relating to the case

Bones S01e21 - hdtv-XviD - The Soldier on the

00:00:01:movie info: XVID 624x352 23.976fps 349.5 MB|
00:00:00:Get used to the |magnitude of this place,
00:00:03:what it's taken to |keep this country free.
00:00:06:All societies build |monuments to their dead
00:00:08:to convince future combatants |that it's an honor to die in battle.
00:00:12:Well, for these servicemen, |it was, you know?
00:00:14:And somebody to use this place to |protest the war--it just pisses me off.
00:00:18:These are the lives that |gave them that right.
00:00:20:These men-- they |should be respected.
00:00:22:If they were really respected, maybe |not so many of them would be buried here.
00:00:25:Are we going to get into |something here, Bones?
00:00:26:I don't see why.
00:00:27:I think we both wish this |place were a lot smaller.
00:00:31:Agent Booth, Dr. Brennan, |right this way.
00:00:35:Must have happened in |the middle of the night.
00:00:37:Place is so big, |no one saw the fire.
00:00:44:the accelerant was |charcoal starter.
00:00:47:We didn't fin

Bones S01e22 - hdtv-XviD - The Woman in

00:00:01:movie info: XVID 624x352 23.976fps 349.5 MB|
00:00:00:Or asked me to stop by the archaeology section
00:00:03:and identify the skull as assyrian,hittite,or egyptian.
00:00:05:I'm in court today.I need my notes.
00:00:07:There's a photocopy in the file.
00:00:08:No,the last time I read from photocopies,
00:00:10:the defense lawyer told the jury i was winging it.
00:00:13:Ready? Chop-chop.
00:00:15:I can't find my original notes.
00:00:16:Photocopy in the file.
00:00:17:No,the last time the defense lawyer told the jury that...
00:00:19:it was a ploy,it failed;let's go.
00:00:21:I found glass,I found pollen.Which do you want first?--Pollen.
00:00:24:Perhaps you could swing by archaeology on your way to your...
00:00:26:no,no swinging.
00:00:28:All right,her height makes no sense and her spine length is whacky.
00:00:31:Dr. Brennan?
00:00:32:Okay,calculate the height off the femur and assume the fire shrunk her spine.

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