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Podnapisi :: Bourne Identity, The

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Bourne Identity, The v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 26.509 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{574}{663}[ Wind Blowing ]a
{689}{759}[ Thunder ]s
{1302}{1370}[ Speaking Italian ]i
{2496}{2547}[ Grunting ],
{4857}{4904}[ Grunts ]
{7038}{7085}What the hell|are you doing to me?
{7086}{7157}[ Speaking Italian ]a
{7158}{7223}What are you doing?|[ Muffled ]n
{7225}{7282}Goddamn it! Where am I?|A boat.
{7284}{7343}A fishing boat.|You were in the water.g
{7345}{7416}We pull you out.|What water?w
{7417}{7472}You were shot.|See? There are the bullets.h
{7473}{7575}Ohh. Look. There is|a number for a bank.
{7577}{7636}Why was it in your hip?
{7638}{7676}My hip?|Why was it in your hip?c
{7677}{7772}Yeah. In your hip|under the skin.|Uh. Oh, God!
{7774}{7875}You need to rest.|Wait. Please. Slow down.
{7877}{7988}I'm a friend.|I'm your friend. Huh?
{7989}{8076}My name is Giancarlo.|Who are you?
{8111}{8193}What's your name?|What's your name?h
{8194}{8244}Uh, I don't know.
{8297}{8357}- Oh, God.|- [ Thud ]a
{8533}{8603}[ Chattering ]k
{8995}{9064}It's been confirmed, sir.|Mission failed.t


{0}{0}I need to get that pile.
{95}{142}[ Bag Thumps On Floor ]
{1071}{1136}[ Chattering,|Laughing In Distance ]
{1138}{1186}[ Chattering,|Laughing Continues ]
{1876}{1923}[ Bourne ]|Hey.
{2169}{2233}You've already|cleaned the room?
{2235}{2335}I wiped the whole place down|for fingerprints.
{2392}{2486}Can I walk around|or is that gonna leave|any footprints?
{2635}{2699}You can... walk around.|It's no problem.
{2732}{2802}But we'll just keep track|of everything we touch.
{2804}{2885}I just think it's better|if we leave a room that we're|not gonna leave a trail.
{2887}{2997}Why? Where are we going?|I need to go to the hotel|whereJohn Michael Kane stayed--
{2999}{3045}the Hotel Regina.
{3047}{3106}Um, if I was him...
{3108}{3155}then they're gonna have|some records.
{3157}{3225}We need that hotel bill.|Okay.
{3227}{3282}It gets slightly|complicated though.
{3322}{3370}Because you're dead.
{3409}{3478}Right.|[ Turns On Faucet ]
{3549}{3600}[ Man ] Sir, please.|[ Wombosi ]|They want war?

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