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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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Braveheart [AC3] [3of3] .sub

{136}{171}Your island?
{173}{246}My island! Yup!
{248}{283}You want to negotiate?
{285}{313}No, please,|gentlemen!
{314}{372}Lords,|Craig is right!
{374}{417}This time|our only option
{419}{473}is to negotiate.
{475}{534}Unless you want to see Edinburgh|razed to the ground--
{675}{734}My army has marched|for more days
{735}{764}than I can remember,
{766}{824}and we still have|preparations to make,
{826}{877}so I'll make this plain.
{878}{961}We require every soldier|you can summon--
{963}{1033}your personal escorts,|even yourselves--
{1034}{1076}and we need them now.
{1119}{1165}With such a force|arrayed against us,
{1167}{1209}it's time to discuss|other options.
{1211}{1249}Other options?
{1250}{1333}Don't you wish at least|to lead your men
{1335}{1369}onto the field
{1370}{1429}and barter a better deal|with Longshanks
{1431}{1475}before you tuck tail|and run?
{1477}{1499}Sir William--
{1501}{1531}We can't defeat|this army!

Braveheart [AC3] [1of3] .sub

{2465}{2560}I shall tell you|of William Wallace.
{2563}{2645}Historians from England|will say lam a liar,
{2647}{2745}but history is written by those|who have hanged heroes.
{2780}{2858}The king of Scotland|had died without a son,
{2860}{2908}and the king of England,
{2910}{2992}a cruel pagan known|as Edward the Longshanks,
{2994}{3069}claimed the throne of Scotland|for himself.
{3071}{3141}Scotland's nobles|fought him
{3142}{3213}and fought each other|over the crown.
{3214}{3309}So Longshanks invited them|to talks of truce--
{3311}{3391}no weapons,|one page only.
{3498}{3573}Among the farmers of that shire|was Malcolm Wallace,
{3575}{3629}a commoner|with his own lands.
{3631}{3688}He had two sons--|John and William.
{3839}{3887}I told you to stay.
{3889}{3957}Well,|I finished my work.
{3959}{4005}Where are we going?
{4006}{4054}MacAndrews'.|He was supposed to visit
{4055}{4084}when the gathering|was over,
{4086}{4134}- Can I come?|- No, go home, boy.
{4136}{4172}But I want t

Braveheart [AC3] [2of3] .sub

{351}{382}Wait. Wait.
{408}{478}This is out,|and this is left.
{480}{513}Carry on.
{514}{548}Carry on]
{659}{752}[Speaking French]
{2992}{3037}You know...
{3038}{3079}eventually,|Longshanks will send
{3080}{3143}his whole northern army|against us.
{3145}{3179}Heavy cavalry,|armored horse--
{3181}{3215}shake the very ground.
{3241}{3291}They'll ride|right over us.
{3293}{3355}Uncle Argyle used to|talk about it,
{3356}{3432}how no army ever stood up|to a charge of heavy horse.
{3434}{3473}So what do we do?
{3474}{3538}Hit, run, hide,|the Highland way.
{3728}{3763}We'll make spears.
{3790}{3833}Hundreds of them.
{3835}{3908}Long spears--|twice as long as a man.
{3910}{3950}That long?
{3979}{4036}Some men are longer|than others.
{4038}{4115}Your mother been telling you|stories about me again.
{4117}{4171}[Men Laughing]
{4173}{4225}[Man]|Volunteers coming in!
{4268}{4291}William Wallace,
{4292}{4362}we've come to fight|and to die for you.

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