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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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Braveheart CD1 - Eng.sub

{2363}{2457}I shall tell you|of William Wallace.
{2459}{2541}Historians from England|will say I am a liar,
{2543}{2642}but history is written by those|who have hanged heroes.
{2676}{2754}The king of Scotland|had died without a son,
{2756}{2805}and the king of England,
{2807}{2888}a cruel pagan known|as Edward the Longshanks,
{2890}{2965}claimed the throne of Scotland|for himself.
{2967}{3037}Scotland's nobles|fought him
{3039}{3110}and fought each other|over the crown.
{3111}{3205}So Longshanks invited them|to talks of truce--
{3207}{3287}no weapons,|one page only.
{3394}{3469}Among the farmers of that shire|was Malcolm Wallace,
{3471}{3525}a commoner|with his own lands.
{3527}{3584}He had two sons--|John and William.
{3735}{3783}I told you to stay.
{3785}{3853}Well,|I finished my work.
{3855}{3901}Where are we going?
{3902}{3950}MacAndrews'.|He was supposed to visit
{3951}{3980}when the gathering|was over,
{3982}{4030}- Can I come?|- No, go home, boy.
{4032}{4068}But I want to go.

Braveheart CD2 - Eng.sub

{4681}{4719}All right.
{5916}{5969}|Wallace! Wallace!
{6463}{6549}I knight thee|Sir William Wallace.
{6640}{6710}Sir William,|in the name of God,
{6712}{6749}we declare|and appoint thee
{6751}{6793}guardian and high protector|ofScotland
{6795}{6888}and thy captains|as aides-de-camp.
{6889}{6941}Stand and be recognized.
{7178}{7229}Does anyone know|his politics?
{7230}{7279}No, but his weight|with the commoners
{7281}{7341}could unbalance|everything.
{7342}{7393}The Balliols|will kiss his arse,
{7394}{7425}and so we must.
{7615}{7663}Sir William.
{7745}{7772}Sir William...
{7774}{7844}in as much as you|and your captains
{7846}{7891}hail from a region
{7893}{7975}long known to support|the Balliol clan,
{7976}{8059}may we invite you|to continue your support
{8061}{8098}and uphold|our rightful claim.
{8100}{8167}Damn the Balliol clan!
{8169}{8229}They're all|Longshanks' men!
{8321}{8390}Now is the tim

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