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Podnapisi :: Brokeback Mountain

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Brokeback Mountain v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 26.597 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 1

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Brokeback Mountain.cd1.txt

{6357}{6398}You pair of deuces|lookin' for work...
{6400}{6481}I suggest you get your|scrawny asses in here pronto.
{6790}{6831}Up on Brokeback...
{6833}{6899}...the Forest Service has got|designated campsites...
{6901}{6941}...on the allotments.
{6942}{7038}Them camps can be 3, 4 miles|from where we pasture the woollies.
{7040}{7123}Bad predator loss if there's nobody|lookin' after 'em at night.
{7125}{7213}Now, what I want|is a camp tender...
{7239}{7318} stay in the main camp, where|the Forest Service says.
{7320}{7359}But the herder...
{7362}{7434}...he's gonna pitch a pup tent|on the QT with the sheep...
{7435}{7485}...and he's gonna sleep there.
{7486}{7553}You eat your supper|and breakfast in camp...
{7554}{7627}...but you sleep|with the sheep 100%.
{7643}{7703}No fire, don't leave no sign.
{7721}{7756}You roll up that tent|every mornin'...
{7758}{7793} case Forest Service|snoops around.

Brokeback Mountain.cd2.txt

{16}{67}Talked to Aguirre|about a job, and...
{68}{132}He told me you hadn't|been back, so I left.
{148}{222}Went down to Texas|for rodeoin'.
{244}{292}That's how I met Lureen.
{312}{388}Made $2,000 that year,|bull ridin'. Nearly starved.
{437}{519}Lureen's old man makes serious money,|farm machine business.
{520}{571}Of course, he hates my guts.
{676}{752}And the Army didn't get you?|No, too busted up.
{757}{812}And rodeoin' ain't what|it was in my daddy's day.
{814}{871}Got out|while I could still walk.
{922}{1017}Swear to God, I didn't know we was|goin' to get into this again.
{1083}{1131}Yes I did.|I red-lined it all the way.
{1132}{1181}I couldn't get here|fast enough.
{1197}{1283}What about you?|Me? I don't know.
{1375}{1410}I don't know.
{1542}{1602}Old Brokeback got us good,|don't it?
{1734}{1785}What are we gonna do now?
{1878}{1936}I doubt there's nothin'|we can do.
{2044}{2099}So now I'm stuck|with what I got here.
{2211}{2285}Makin' a livin' is|about all I got time

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