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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Butterfly effect - English (2004).sub

{200}{1500}Brought by "Jassim Marhoon" -
{1725}{1825}if anyone finds this letter
{1835}{1945}that wants to say that my plan failed
{1960}{2025}and that I will be surely dead
{2080}{2200}but if I managed come back to the beginning | of all this history
{2202}{1500}it is well possible that I reach has to save it
{3380}{3510}13 years earlier
{3677}{3722}one goes has new to be late
{3725}{3780}since when you worry about to arrive has the hour | hasthe school
{3792}{3000}one hangs our drawings for | the similar evening students
{3860}{3910}reassure you you will have well enoughtimes
{3985}{4010}you believe that it will be the dad?
{4007}{4062}you know the response I believe!!
{4060}{4105}what it to go out only for once go!!
{4110}{4160}we talked about that | hundreds of times
{4157}{4207}this is too dangerous for him
{4205}{4255}but Lenny said that there would be his father!
{4205}{4305}and Tommy and Kelly it them
{4305}{4355}ok I understood!

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 Butterfly Effect
 Butterfly effect

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