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Podnapisi :: Cape Fear

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Cape Fear v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 37.352 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Cape Fear.cd1.txt

{3857}{3911}"My Reminiscence".
{3913}{3985}I always thought that|for such a lovely river...
{3986}{4070}...the name was mystifying:|"Cape Fear".
{4072}{4169}When the only thing to fear on|those enchanted summer nights...
{4171}{4229}...was that|the magic would end...
{4230}{4299}...and real life|would come crashing in.
{5158}{5239}Okay, Cady, the moment|you've been waiting for.
{5797}{5882}Any people comin'|for you, Cady?
{5884}{5957}What about your books? Already read 'em.
{6605}{6660}Hi. How are you?
{6661}{6740}Cmo est usted?|Bien, bien.
{6766}{6825}Es ropa limpia?|No, no.
{6827}{6897}That means clean.|These are dirty.
{6898}{6969}The idea is to|resolve the tension.
{6970}{7054}I need to find a motif|that's about movement.
{7055}{7141}Not the most mind-blowing|concept for a travel agency...
{7143}{7218}...but what the hey?
{7220}{7296}Like an arrow, maybe?|Yeah, like an arrow.
{7334}{7430}But then the other|aspec

Cape Fear.cd2.txt

{38}{122}I wanted to meet you,|see what you were like.
{124}{221}I see you're a nice person.|That's all.
{223}{313}You're not gonna hurt me,|are you?
{315}{362}No, I'm not gonna|hurt you at all.
{364}{424}There's no hurting here,|Danielle.
{426}{505}'Tween us there's|no anger... nothin'.
{506}{575}Just a search for truth.
{577}{643}I mean, did you judge me,|did you get angry at me...
{645}{698}...when you caught me|smokin' the grass?
{781}{833}But your parents,|they judged you.
{835}{882}They got plenty angry at you,|didn't they?
{932}{1013}They punished you|for their sins.
{1015}{1064}What did they do?
{1066}{1141}They, uh...|My dad...
{1143}{1225}They just yelled a whole lot|and, um...
{1226}{1277}My mom cried...
{1278}{1359}...and my dad said I couldn't|drive the Cherokee.
{1360}{1413}I'd say they punished you|for their sins...
{1414}{1491}...and you resent that,|and you should resent it.
{1493}{1578}But Professor "Do-Right"|has

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 Cape Fear (1991)

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