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Podnapisi :: Catch Me If You Can

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Catch Me If You Can v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 40.374 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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ninja-cmiyc1[] -avi.sub

{590}{685}Subtitles adjusted by Marcello|with SubAdjust V1.56|09/03/2003
{4530}{4581}Thank you very much|and welcome to TO TELL THE TRUTH
{4594}{4662}Our first guest he's made a career |out of being the most
{4664}{4784}outrageous imposter that we| were come across on this show| and you are gonna see what I mean
{4809}{4905}Number one: what is your name please?|My name is Frank William Abagnale
{4918}{4986}Number Two|My name is Frank William Abagnale
{5005}{5079}Number three|My name is Frank William Abagnale
{5085}{5242}From 1964 to 1967 I successfully| impersonated an airline pilot| for Panam airways
{5249}{5316}and I flew over 2 million miles for free
{5326}{5446}during that time I was also|the chief resident paediatrician| at the Georgia Hospital
{5449}{5526}and assitant attorney general for the state of Louisiana
{5532}{5633}by the time I was caught|I was considered the youngest and most daring conman
{5635}{5668}in US history
{5671}{5724}I had cashed almost 4 millions dollars

ninja-cmiyc2[] -avi.sub

{47}{47}Do you understand how dangerous this is,do you?
{47}{94}Don't stand there|...and tell me what do again
{104}{180}Don't cry and get back to work
{286}{331}Hey, are you ok ?
{363}{400}He told me to pick up a blood test
{401}{470}when he never told me to label it
{511}{547}It's ok|Stop crying
{566}{579}What's your name?
{626}{669}- Brenda.|- Brenda
{720}{748}Brenda|I wouldn't worry about it, you know
{751}{824}These doctors, you know, the don't know everything
{854}{898}It's my first week here
{903}{942}and they are gonna fire me
{982}{1022}No, no nobody is gonna fire you Brenda.
{1024}{1062}I bet you're good at your job
{1102}{1127}No, I'm not
{1176}{1217}If I ask you to check on the status
{1217}{1262}of my friend Lens Applebaum,
{1286}{1322}could you do that for me in a second?
{1527}{1591}Mr Applebaum fractured his ancle
{1602}{1691}Dr. Ashland is treating him in exam n?7.
{1691}{1750}Do you see that?|No problem
{1802}{1843}This is the emergency target
{1866}{1904}see that blue

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 Catch Me If You Can
 Catch Me If You Can
 Catch Me If You Can

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