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Podnapisi :: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 27.471 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.cd1.txt

{6124}{6206}This is a story of an ordinary little boy...
{6210}{6283}...named Charlie Bucket.
{6299}{6407}He was not faster or stronger|or more clever than other children.
{6455}{6570}His family was not rich|or powerful or well-connected.
{6574}{6665}In fact, they barely had enough to eat.
{6690}{6796}Charlie Bucket was the luckiest boy|in the entire world.
{6800}{6857}He just didn't know it yet.
{7263}{7303}Evening, Buckets.|Evening.
{7307}{7342}Hi, Dad.
{7392}{7446}Soup's almost ready, darling.
{7460}{7538}Don't suppose there's anything|extra to put in, love.
{7558}{7621}Oh, well. Nothing goes better|with cabbage than cabbage.
{7776}{7835}...I found something I think you'll like.
{7912}{8015}Charlie's father worked|at the local toothpaste factory.
{8019}{8115}The hours were long,|and the pay was terrible...
{8120}{8235}...yet occasionally,|there were unexpected surprises.
{8296}{8332}It's exactly what I need.
{8362}{8395}What is it, Charlie?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.cd2.txt

{36}{132}You know, just last week, I was reading|in a very important medical journal...
{136}{249}...that some children|are allergic to chocolate.
{253}{317}Makes their noses itch.
{327}{380}Maybe I'm not allergic.
{384}{422}I could try a piece.
{471}{519}But why take a chance?
{891}{959}Mr. Wonka? Mr. Wonka?
{963}{1019}We're headed for a tunnel.|Oh, yeah.
{1028}{1058}Lull speed ahead.
{1220}{1290}How can they see where they're going?|They can't.
{1300}{1349}There's no knowing where they're going.
{1359}{1388}Switch on the lights!
{2051}{2089}People, keep an eye out.
{2093}{2142}We're passing some|very important rooms here.
{2277}{2314}What do you use hair cream for?
{2342}{2380}To lock in moisture.
{2554}{2614}Whipped cream.|Precisely.
{2631}{2659}That doesn't make sense.
{2688}{2728}Lor your information, little girl...
{2732}{2824}...whipped cream isn't whipped cream at all|unless it's been whipped with whips.
{2828}{2879}Everybody knows that.

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