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Chinatown (1974) Roman Polanski

{10}{85}- Probably.|- I'm surprised you still work for her.
{85}{185}Unless she's suddenly come up|with another husband.
{186}{286}She happens to think|the last one was murdered.
{286}{410}- How did she get that idea?|- I think I gave it to her.
{435}{537}I hope you don't mind. I believe|they should be served with the head.
{560}{660}As long as you don't|serve the chicken that way.
{660}{735}Tell me, what do the police say?.
{736}{811}They're calling it an accident.
{811}{911}- Who's the investigating officer?.|- Lt. Lou Escobar.
{911}{986}- You know him?|- Oh, yeah.
{986}{1111}- Where from?|- We worked together, in Chinatown.
{1161}{1261}- Would you call him a capable man?|- Very.
{1284}{1361}- Honest?|- As far as it goes.
{1361}{1436}He has to swim|in the same water we all do.
{1459}{1560}But there's no reason to think|he's bungled the case?
{1560}{1635}- Too bad.|- Too bad?
{1661}{1759}It makes me think you're|taking my daughter for a ride, -
{1760}{1835}- financially speaking, of course.

Chinatown (1974) Roman Polanski

{3716}{3865}Enough's enough, Curly. You can't eat|the Venetian blinds, I just got them.
{4265}{4314}Down the hatch.
{4613}{4665}- She's no good.|- What can I tell you?
{4688}{4766}When you're right, you're right.|And you're right.
{4789}{4913}I'll pay you the rest next week.|We only caught 60 tons of skipjack.
{4914}{5014}They pay less for skipjack|than albacore tuna.
{5015}{5141}I only brought it up to illustrate a point.|I don't want your last dime.
{5164}{5265}- Thank you, Mr Gittes.|- Call me Jake. Careful driving home.
{5289}{5389}Mrs Mulwray is waiting for you,|with Mr Walsh and Mr Duffy.
{5414}{5465}Mrs Mulwray, may I present Mr Gittes.
{5490}{5589}- Mrs Mulwray, how do you?|- Mr Gittes.
{5589}{5665}What seems to be the problem?
{5688}{5789}My husband... I believe|is seeing another woman.
{5838}{5940}No... really?.|I am sorry.
{5940}{6039}Mr Gittes, do you think|we could discuss this alone?
{6090}{6164}I'm afraid not.|These are my operatives, -
{6165}{6240}- and at some point|they'll ha

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