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Podnapisi :: City-Of-God

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film City-Of-God v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 25.324 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 2

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{73}{148}While Ze was earning the|respect of the locals..
{172}{241}Benny was winning|Angelica's heart.
{259}{396}I was still a virgin and brke|I had no other choice.
{541}{592}I found a job|in a supermarket.
{628}{728}I was working for just a few nickels.|I wanted to be fired..
{736}{845}to buy a camera|with the compensation.
{861}{925}But the my fate|was different.
{1011}{1119}The guy from the beach!|Do you still smoke?
{1201}{1259}Kid!|Pull your shirt.
{1370}{1442}Is this a thank you?
{1468}{1549}-My compensation?|-Which compensation?
{1556}{1637}The fucking manager|thought i participated.
{1654}{1761}You are fired|because of duty violation.Beat it!
{1774}{1842}I did not get a dime.
{2193}{2238}A message from God.
{2301}{2380}'Honesty is|punished,sucker.'
{2698}{2790}The bus is late.|i should have been at work.
{2809}{2933}-Hide the gun! Are you mad?|-It's broken.
{2942}{3057}-It is not our fault.|-It is never anyone's fau


{2703}{2785}Damn!The chicken is gone!|Get her,mister!
{3424}{3518}If the picture is good|I will work in a newspaper.
{3570}{3662}You are playing with your life|for a photrograph?
{3674}{3753}Do you think that i am in the mood|to see the fucking gang?
{3802}{3857}The chicken bro!
{3951}{4021}The chicken i told you,asshole!
{4068}{4109}Get the chicken!
{4578}{4632}If Ze gets you,|you're dead.
{4666}{4716}He has to find me first.
{4948}{5006}Hey,kid!Get the chicken!
{5099}{5171}-The cops!|-Don't run!
{5289}{5355}Butthead! Mothefucker!
{5387}{5448}A photo might|have changed my life. . .
{5455}{5521}but in the City of God,|if you run you're dead. . .
{5540}{5582}...if you stay,|you're dead again.
{5628}{5703}It has always been like that|since i was a kid.
{5787}{5852}IN THE 60's
{6018}{6114}-You are so useless.|-Fetch the ball.
{6200}{6272}Hey, kid! Fetch the ball .
{6378}{6417}you are not giving it to me?
{6440}{6524}Fuck you.|What's your name?
{6547}{6608}Sorry,I forgot to introduce myself.

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