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Podnapisi :: Cleopatra (1963)

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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{7353}{7420}And so it fell out that at Pharsalia...
{7422}{7526}the great might and manhood of Rome|me tin bloody civil war...
{7528}{7629}and Caesar's legions|destroyed those of the great Pompey,
{7632}{7718}so that now only Caesar|stood at the head of Rome.
{7722}{7835}But there was no joy for Caesar|as in his other triumphs,
{7838}{7963}for the dead which his legions|counted and buried and burned...
{7966}{8013}were their own country men.
{8058}{8148}The smoke of burning Roman dead|is just as black,
{8150}{8234}and the stink no less.
{8237}{8308}It was Pompey, not I,|who wanted it so.
{8310}{8373}Let what I have said|be set down.
{8428}{8473}You may stand.
{8560}{8658}Do not try and impress me,|please, by looking either|too penitent or too proud.
{8661}{8752}As field officers,|you fought miserably for Pompey.
{8755}{8834}Men under your command will|be permitted to enlist in my legion...
{8837}{8896}and return to Rome|as Romans.
{8898}{8945}You shall have|the same privilege.


{607}{653}I came as quick|as I could.
{655}{701}Antony is welcome|to Caesar's house...
{703}{782}as often and as quickly|as he likes.
{784}{870}As Caesar's wife, before the truth|is distorted into vicious Roman gossip,
{874}{956}- I wanted you to hear--|- That my husband has|married Queen Cleopatra.
{1018}{1116}There's some fresh wine.|One of your many favorites.
{1162}{1264}The ceremony, according to vicious|gossip, was in the Egyptian religion.
{1266}{1330}Even if true, that can't be|meant or taken seriously.
{1333}{1425}During which, he was formally|declared an Egyptian god.
{1427}{1500}Officially divine, at last.
{1502}{1557}That must have pleased|Caesar.
{1559}{1654}Calpurnia, we know Caesar,|you and I.
{1657}{1730}This so-called marriage|has no validity under Roman law.
{1733}{1786}There must have been|political purpose to it.
{1789}{1859}Perhaps a symbolic ceremony|to ratify Rome's alliance with Egypt.
{1862}{1949}Perhaps merely...|indulging some barbaric custom.
{1951}{2008}You've been


{270}{412}And for more than two years did Antony|seek out the assassins of Caesar.
{415}{479}At last, at Philippi,
{483}{602}he was able to set against them|his legions and those of Octavian,
{606}{671}who was Caesar's heir.
{675}{745}Cassius was the first to die,
{748}{811}by his own hand,
{814}{905}then Brutus and the others.
{3157}{3217}Hail Antony !
{3220}{3273}Hail Antony !
{3361}{3434}Hail Antony's legions !
{3730}{3802}You remember Philippi.
{3804}{3857}He won it.
{3859}{3906}My lord.
{3910}{4008}- This way.|- But my tent is this way.
{4062}{4174}Later. I'll see him later.|Octavian depresses me.
{4176}{4226}You promised.
{4462}{4558}Well, the fighting's over.|We won it all.
{4560}{4609}Your health should|improve quickly now.
{4612}{4675}Even lf I were to die,|my place is with you on the field.
{4678}{4743}- You were wrong in preventing me.|- Caesar was too ill to sit his horse.
{4746}{4831}Caesar ? Ah, yes.|I keep forgetting.
{4834}{4902}I have inherited the name.|I have made it mi


{93}{194}And so once more,|the Romans warred upon each other.
{197}{262}And just as Antony|had foretold,
{265}{326}the forces of Octavian|came to meet them...
{328}{386}on the spot where they landed,
{389}{491}which was at Actium,|in Greece.
{494}{558}The action will begin|with the rising of the sun tomorrow.
{561}{607}Your battle plan|is very brave, very simple.
{610}{698}You might bring it off on land,|but there are a hundred reasons|to debate its wisdom on the sea.
{701}{806}I have an enemy who faces me|on land with fewer troops,|on sea with fewer ships.
{808}{853}Let him debate the wisdom|of his position.
{855}{960}I have a happy choice-- to destroy him|wet or dry. I have chosen wet.
{1015}{1061}And I think it best,|Euphranor,
{1063}{1141}that you report to Queen Cleopatra|aboard her vessel in the harbor.
{1143}{1192}There, if you like,|you may point out to her...
{1194}{1302}the hundred reasons|why my brave simplicity has failed.
{1305}{1383}In any case, you are relieved|of your battle com

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