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Podnapisi :: Clerks II

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Clerks II v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 36.912 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 29.06.2008

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Clerks II.cd1.txt

{1422}{1473}Yeah, I got a fire|at the Quick Stop.
{2901}{2981}I left the coffee pot|on again, didn't I?
{3100}{3136}Now where am I gonna|bring chicks to fuck...
{3137}{3199}...when my mom's home?
{4475}{4530}So, ready for your big last day?
{4539}{4558}I am.
{4559}{4601}When do you and your old lady|head down to Florida?
{4607}{4630}Tomorrow morning.
{4631}{4658}Car's all packed up.
{4662}{4682}You gonna do anything crazy...
{4683}{4733}...before you leave|New Jersey forever?
{4736}{4759}How long have you known me?
{4760}{4798}If I were you,|I'd spray-paint "eat pussy"...
{4799}{4854}...across the side of the building|in huge letters.
{4899}{4941}Let 'em know|you were there, man.
{4942}{4982}I'd rather let them know|I'm not an asshole.
{4983}{5019}Too late for that.
{5020}{5085}I'm really gonna miss you, man.
{6258}{6305}I can't believe they haven't|done anything with it yet.
{6306}{6357}The Lord

Clerks II.cd2.txt

{278}{326}Here's what I don't|understand about you.
{327}{398}You have a license, you|can drive a grown-up car.
{399}{434}But when you ride the go-carts...
{435}{488} somehow feel|better about yourself.
{489}{537}Look, it just centers me,|all right?
{539}{599}Kind of the way jerking off|at work centers you.
{600}{654}I only did it that one time.
{655}{686}And it wasn't to center me.
{687}{726}Yeah, it was to come.
{727}{786}Well, I don't know about you,|but coming centers me.
{787}{822}Then why did we|have to leave work...
{823}{868} we can ride the go-carts|to clear your head?
{869}{922}Well, I don't want to jerk off|in the Mooby's bathroom.
{923}{956}What if a customer comes in...
{957}{1031}...and my jerking off gets him|all sex nuts and retard strong?
{1032}{1058}Suddenly, I'm fighting him off...
{1059}{1108} he tries to jam|my dick in his mouth.
{1109}{1154}The most likeliest of scenarios.
{1184}{1268}Man, that shit Lance said|must have really bothered you.

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