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Podnapisi :: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Jaffa)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Jaffa) v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 21.452 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{1010}{1034}Master Li is here!
{1082}{1106}Master Li is here!
{1441}{1465}Shu Lien!
{1489}{1513}Shu Lien!
{1585}{1657}Shu Lien! Li M u bai is here!
{1777}{1801}Master Li
{1825}{1873}How's everything? fine.
{1873}{1921}Please come in.
{2185}{2233}M u bai... lt's been too long.
{2233}{2304}lt has. How's business?
{2304}{2352}good. and how are you?
{2496}{2544}Monk zheng said you were at wudan Mountain.
{2544}{2592}He said you were practicing deep meditation.
{2640}{2664}Mmm! k
{2664}{2712}The mountain must be so peaceful ...
{2712}{2760}l envy you.
{2760}{2808}My work keeps me so busy,|l hardly get any rest.
{2880}{2928}l left the training early.
{2976}{3072}why? you're a wudan fighter.|Training is everything.
{3096}{3144}D uring my meditation training...
{3168}{3216}l came to a place of deep silence...
{3264}{3288}l was surrounded by l ight...
{3311}{3383}Time and space disappeared.
{3431}{3503}l had come to a place my master|had never told me about.
{3551}{3599}you w


{1225}{1297}lf you l ike that arrow, l can make you a bow.
{1321}{1345}great for hunting wild chicken.
{1369}{1393}They're del icious.
{1537}{1585}you need to eat.|U nderstand?
{1633}{1705}Then you'll have the strength to fight.
{1753}{1777}U nderstand?
{2017}{2089}you're eating too fast.|Slowly.
{5110}{5157}you've got quite a temper.|lt's better this way...
{5349}{5373}you coward!
{5445}{5493}Still in a bad mood?
{5517}{5589}at least you're speaking.|what's your name?
{5637}{5685}l didn't think the Hans had names l ike that.
{6692}{6740}lf l had wanted to, l would al ready have done it.
{6788}{6836}you must be dying for a bath.
{6836}{6884}fresh water's hard to get here.
{6932}{6980}but l managed to bring some up.
{7004}{7052}you can wear my clothes when you're done.
{7076}{7123}They're clean.
{7507}{7531}Don't worry.
{7603}{7675}l'll sing, so you'll know where l am.
{7699}{7771}fter the bath, you'll be cal mer.
{7795}{7843}No more hitting on the head!

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 Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

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