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Podnapisi :: Cyborg (1989)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Cyborg (1989) v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 6.293 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{1019}{1063}Come on!
{2806}{2930}I told my sister that slingers kill pirates.|I'm gonna be a slinger some day.
{2933}{2982}No, you're not.
{2986}{3048}You'll do something better, Haley.
{4751}{4800}You, keep an eye on her.
{6920}{6954}Come on.
{6957}{7074}I'm not going with you. You're not|strong enough to get me to Atlanta.
{7077}{7162}Fender would eventually catch us.|Maybe kill me.
{7165}{7214}Certainly kill you.
{7218}{7266}Look, Fender must be destroyed.
{7269}{7318}In Atlanta, we have the means.
{7321}{7370}I'll lead him to his death.
{7402}{7463}Nothing can stop him in this world.
{7484}{7533}Not even you.
{7969}{8020}You take her!
{9714}{9764}Over here!
{13351}{13410}- Can you make it?|- Yeah.
{14204}{14263}I guess I should have stayed put, huh?
{14569}{14611}Come on.
{14655}{14704}Let's go. Let's go.
{15666}{15747}Run! Run!


{320}{364}First, there was|the collapse of civilization:
{390}{464}anarchy, genocide, starvation.
{506}{567}Then, when it seemed things|couldn't get any worse,
{570}{620}we got the plague...
{623}{672}the living death,
{675}{755}quickly closing its fist|over the entire planet.
{758}{808}And then we heard the rumors,
{811}{886}that the last scientists|were working on a cure
{889}{974}that would end the plague|and restore the world.
{990}{1050}Restore it? Why?
{1090}{1139}I like the death.
{1155}{1190}I like the misery!
{1210}{1312}I like this world!
{1393}{1443}Come on, Pearl! it's clear.
{1513}{1579}I think we lost Fender and his piracies.
{1591}{1707}We've got a chance to reach|the Prox township and hire a slinger.
{1710}{1780}Get... Get going, Pearl.
{1783}{1840}I'll try to hold them here.
{1844}{1892}Find a slinger to help you, Pearl.
{4240}{4281}Get her.
{4284}{4339}- Let her go!|- To Atlanta?
{4343}{4412}To cure the plague|with the information that she

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