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Podnapisi :: Day of the Jackal

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Day of the Jackal v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 27.550 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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The Day of the Jackal - Fred Zinnemann (1973) CD1of2.txt

{544}{644}August, 1962|was a stormy time for France.
{661}{732}Many people felt that|President Charles De Gaulle...
{734}{820}...had betrayed the country|by giving independence to Algeria.
{842}{903}Extremists, mostly from the army...
{907}{960}...swore to kill him in revenge.
{977}{1041}They banded together|in an underground movement...
{1046}{1129}...and called themselves the OAS.
{2221}{2280}The Minister's meeting is over!
{6914}{6948}They're very late.
{7600}{7715}The time elapsed from the first|to the lastshot was seven seconds.
{7719}{7815}In all, more than 140 shots were fired.
{7827}{7890}Several bullets pierced the President's car.
{7892}{7952}One came within an inch of his head.
{7954}{8078}But, as if by a miracle,|neither he nor anyone else was hurt.
{8123}{8157}Six months later:
{8185}{8251}Most of the conspirators|have been caught and tried.
{8253}{8344}Theirleader, Colonel Bastien-Thiry,|has been sentenced to death.
{8346}{8465}At the last moment, his lawyer|tries

The Day of the Jackal - Fred Zinnemann (1973) CD2of2.txt

{402}{459}- You buy this in Italy?|- No, it's hired.
{467}{537}I shall be returning it to Genova|in about a week.
{541}{572}Papers, please.
{661}{697}Got any luggage?
{732}{790}- In the boot.|- Bring it inside.
{1733}{1761}Thank you.
{2422}{2518}Once we've found his new name,|Lebel shouldn't have trouble catching him.
{2520}{2556}It's not that simple.
{2558}{2643}There are over two million foreigners|are in Paris at this time of year.
{2645}{2692}I'm very sorry, Minister.
{2758}{2814}Commissioner Lebel|requested this meeting...
{2816}{2895}...because he has new information|on the British suspect.
{2933}{2991}Calthrop is traveling on a false passport...
{2993}{3050} the name of Paul Oliver Duggan.
{3082}{3158}The passport number is 29491.
{3193}{3251}The photo will reach us in a few hours.
{3258}{3296}What do we do now?
{3312}{3375}The Duggan passport|was issued on July 30.
{3377}{3431}No need to go further back than that.
{3433}{3495}Special Branch in Br

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