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Podnapisi :: Days of Thunder

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Days of Thunder v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 22.358 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{3163}{3272}{y:i}Welcome to the Daytona 500,|{y:i}the Superbowl of motor racing.
{3276}{3417}{y:i}Walking onto the grid|{y:i}is two-time champion Rowdy Burns.
{3421}{3577}{y:i}A contender from Pennsylvania,|{y:i}Aldo Bennedetti.
{3982}{4062}{y:i}Gentlemen, start your engines.
{5076}{5215}{y:i}Number 43, Richard Petty,|{y:i}spins to the inside of the track.
{5277}{5331}{y:i}Richard Petty is out|{y:i}of the Daytona 500.
{5335}{5429}{y:i}Speaking of people out of the race,|{y:i}remember Harry Hogge?
{5433}{5593}{y:i}His driver, Buddy Bretherton, died|{y:i}here last year in a fiery crash.
{5671}{5744}- You're enjoying the good life.|- Yeah.
{5748}{5846}I never minded spreading a little|fertiliser around now and then.
{5850}{5934}- How's the truck running?|- Good.
{5938}{6051}I want you to build me a car.
{6168}{6288}Everybody knows some car dealer|who can't afford a race team.
{6292}{6356}No driver will sign with you.
{6360}{6472}If they wreck one car, you can't|afford to build them an

{398}{563}Let me tell you something. If you|can't control your race drivers...
{609}{679}Stick to something you can control.
{736}{846}Like used cars|in downtown Charlotte.
{1342}{1420}- Too close to call?|- Yeah.
{1687}{1814}- You're late.|- We had car trouble.
{1818}{1987}- What kind of car trouble?|- I believe it was the radiator.
{1991}{2085}Yes, Rowdy, I believe it was.
{2264}{2323}Do you know anybody|at Daytona Memorial?
{2327}{2431}- The chief of staff.|- Is he a race fan?
{2435}{2556}Russ Wheeler is driving for us,|till you get your medical clearance.
{2560}{2660}It's a real pleasure|to race your car, Mr Trickle.
{2664}{2773}I need the home address|of a doctor...
{2777}{2904}I'm only sorry I won't be able|to drive it as good as you.
{2908}{3004}I'll see you later, Harry.
{3008}{3089}The doctor...
{3655}{3759}I was desperate|to get your attention.
{3763}{3865}You got it.|I walked into a jungle.
{3869}{4009}It's nicely extravagant,|but I can't. I'm a doc

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 Days of Thunder
 Days Of Thunder

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