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Podnapisi :: Die Hard 2 (1990).pkh

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Die Hard 2 (1990).pkh v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 35.900 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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Die Hard 2 (1990).CD1.pkh.sub

{0}{199}-= ***** =-|Spell Checked by|HxHPRC
{200}{402}HxHPRC: Enjoy your hours!
{913}{963}Hey! Whoa! Yo!|False alarm! Hold it!
{969}{1051}It's OK! I'm here.|Here we are! It's all right.
{1053}{1131}- Set it down nice and easy, huh?|- Sure, at the impound.
{1135}{1194}- Next time, read the sign.|- You don't understand.
{1196}{1277}I'm here to meet my wife's plane.|Let me have this car.
{1281}{1351}Sure. Tomorrow, 8.00 to 4.00.|Pay $40, we give it back.
{1353}{1382}Don't write it up!
{1386}{1433}Come on, this is my mother-in-law's car.
{1435}{1505}She's already mad at me|because I'm not a dentist.
{1509}{1556}Look, I'm a cop. LAPD.
{1558}{1627}Oh, I was in LA once. Hated it.
{1628}{1680}I can understand.|I don't like it much... Hey!
{1684}{1743}That's a plastic fender up there!|Take it easy!
{1745}{1795}Cut me some slack, will you?
{1797}{1832}I was a cop in New York City.
{1836}{1897}I only moved to LA|because my wife took a job there.
{1901}{1927}What do you say?
{1931}{2011}Here we are, Wa

Die Hard 2 (1990).CD2.pkh.sub

{0}{1}And we will take him down.
{5}{81}I served with him.|I taught him everything he knows.
{83}{175}Well, maybe he's learned|a few more things since then.
{202}{234}Let's hustle!
{237}{314}The command post will be set up|in the airport police station.
{316}{388}I want to be tied into the tower|in 15 minutes.
{392}{433}All right, let's do it!
{478}{510}Hey, Trudeau.
{550}{606}Did things just get better or worse?
{709}{756}Lights. Big, portable lights.
{760}{807}We set up the field, and then we...
{811}{860}Wait for those lunatics|to shoot them out?
{864}{899}Where do we get those lights?
{901}{936}What about the air phone idea?
{938}{1029}There's 18 planes up there.|Only five of them have those phones.
{1031}{1088}We got through to three.|We're trying the others.
{1090}{1129}That's 13 potential accidents.
{1133}{1180}Are they still bucking head winds?
{1182}{1232}Head winds are slamming|everybody over the outer marker.
{1235}{1268}The planes with enough fuel...
{1270}{1336}..have been shu

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