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Podnapisi :: Dogma (18)

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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{3822}{3928}Ladies and gentlemen, the driving force|behind Catholicism WOW!, Cardinal Glick.
{4173}{4205}Thank you, thank you.
{4208}{4266}Now we all know|how the majority...
{4268}{4336}and the media in this country...
{4338}{4406}view the Catholic church.
{4408}{4500}They think of us as a pass?,|archaic institution.
{4503}{4600}People find the Bible obtuse...
{4602}{4646}even hokey.
{4649}{4711}Now, in an effort to disprove|all that...
{4714}{4826}the Church has appointed this year|as a time of renewal...
{4828}{4887}both of faith and of style.
{4912}{4981}For example, the crucifix.
{4983}{5061}While it has been a time-honored symbol|of our faith...
{5064}{5155}Holy Mother Church|has decided to retire...
{5158}{5205}this highly recognizable...
{5208}{5277}yet wholly depressing image...
{5279}{5344}of our Lord, crucified.
{5347}{5448}Christ didn?t come to Earth|to give us the willies.
{5450}{5506}He came to help us out.
{5508}{5619}He was a booster, and it?s|with that take on our Lord in m

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