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Podnapisi :: Domino

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Domino v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 31.905 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{907}{947}Heads, you live.
{978}{1026}Tails, you die.
{1095}{1169}Tails, you die.
{1206}{1285}My name is Domino Harvey.
{1287}{1342}I am a bounty hunter.
{1400}{1447}What I say|over the next several hours...
{1449}{1528}...will determine whether or not|I spend the rest of my life in prison.
{1566}{1616}Tails, you die.
{1632}{1678}Miss Harvey, my name is Taryn Mills.
{1680}{1751}I'm a criminal psychologist|working for the FBI.
{1753}{1806}I'm here to ask you|a few questions.
{1835}{1857}Here's the part...
{1859}{1896}...where I'm supposed|to get all defensive...
{1898}{1973}...and say, "Not until|I speak with my attorney."
{2017}{2061}I'll tell you everything I know.
{2117}{2168}36 hours ago,|$10 million was stolen...
{2170}{2218}...from an armoured car that|was subsequently found...
{2220}{2264}...abandoned at the Hoover Dam.
{2436}{2486}The driver's name was Locus Fender.
{2522}{2581}We know that he was in on the heist.
{2585}{2645}We know that he was in on the heist.


{158}{218}Frances and Charles Cigliutti.
{220}{312}Their father was mob boss|Anthony Cigliutti. They were Mafia kids.
{314}{392}We found them at their frat house, and|they'd been under FBI surveillance...
{394}{449}...for the past six months.
{743}{799}All right, boys, we're in business.
{801}{872}Yeah. The bounty hunters have arrived.
{908}{983}They're driving Winne...|driving Winnebagos?
{1078}{1140}What is this shit?
{1185}{1246}Is that the guy from|Beverly Hills 90210?
{1248}{1332}I fuckin' loved thatshow, man.|Well, he hasn't aged well.
{1499}{1578}We're looking for Frances and Charles!|Are they here?
{1670}{1756}We're from a new reality TVshow.|It's called Bounty Squad.
{1793}{1875}Jesus, look at that.|She just tells it like it is.
{1877}{1947}It's... It's... we should sign her.
{2230}{2272}Frances! Frances!
{2276}{2320}Frances! Frances!
{2324}{2374}Frances! Frances!
{2378}{2465}All right, 60 seconds.|Here's the question.
{2480}{2535}Which one of you is Frances?

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