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Podnapisi :: Ed Wood (1994) [Fully corrected]

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Ed Wood (1994) [Fully corrected] v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 38.309 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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Ed Wood (1994).sub

{1}{100}Ed Wood (1994)|English subtitles @ 25 fps
{1058}{1119}Greetings, my friend.
{1122}{1199}You are interested|in the unknown,
{1202}{1288}the mysterious,|the unexplainable...
{1291}{1359}That is why you are here.
{1362}{1415}And now,|for the first time...
{1418}{1501}we are bringing you the full story|of what happened.
{1504}{1568}We are giving you|all the evidence
{1570}{1649}based only on the secret testimony|of the miserable souls
{1652}{1737}who survived this|terrifying ordeal.
{1740}{1809}The incidents, places...
{1812}{1897}My friend, we cannot keep this|a secret any longer.
{1900}{1971}Can your heart stand|the shocking facts
{1974}{2019}of the true story
{2022}{2097}of Edward D. Wood, Jr.?
{7498}{7579}It's 8:15. We can't hold|the curtain any longer.
{7582}{7657}Cripes, what am I gonna tell the cast?|It's press night and there's no press!
{7694}{7771}- Do you believe in ghosts?|- Nah, Tommy.
{7774}{7819}That's just kiddie|spook stories.
{7822}{7917}Once you're dead,|you stay dead

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 Ed Wood
 Ed Wood (Fully corrected)

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