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00:00:07:I need a moment with you.
00:00:10:- I literally just walked in.|- Please?
00:00:27:I presume that you were present during this latest act of insubordination?
00:00:31:- I was.|- You were in charge of the recall.
00:00:34:How could you let this happen?
00:00:36:What do you expect me|to do, shoot him?
00:00:38:Yeah, you'd save me the trouble.
00:00:40:Jason, you can have my|testimony at the debriefing.
00:00:42:I don't want your testimony.
00:00:44:What do you need?
00:00:46:Your help.
00:00:49:All right.
00:00:55:Tell me why.
00:00:58:Why does he do it?|Is it because of us?
00:01:02:No. It has nothing|to do with you or me.
00:01:06:Morpheus does what|he believes he has to do.
00:01:08:- Then I'll do what I have to.|- You can't.
00:01:10:- Why?|- Because you need him.
00:01:14:The hell I do!
00:01:16:Jason, can you honestly tell|me what went through your mind
00:01:18:when you saw the tape|from the Osiris?
00:01:25:I thought the same thing.|Anybody from this cit


00:00:01:Niobe, I'm really struggling here.|I'm trying to keep up
00:00:03:but I'm losing the plot.
00:00:05:There's way too much weird|shit going on around here,
00:00:07:and nothing is going|like it's supposed to go.
00:00:09:I mean, doors that|go nowhere and everywhere.
00:00:12:Programs acting like humans.|Multiplying Agents.
00:00:15:And now, picnicking Sentinels.
00:00:18:They were gunning straight for us,|then all of a sudden, they just stopped.
00:00:23:Just out of EMP range.
00:00:25:What are they doing?
00:00:27:I don't know.
00:00:29:But I got a feeling whatever|happened to Soren is about to happen to us.
00:00:37:Sparks, I want the ship's|guns online right now.
00:00:42:Oh when, when will it end!?


00:00:01:What if they don't find us?
00:00:03:They will.
00:00:06:- How do you know?|- I just know.
00:00:10:What do you think|will happen after that?
00:00:12:I don't know. But I got|the feeling it's gonna be one hell of a ride.
00:00:22:In less than 12 hours, the machines|will breach the dock walls.
00:00:30:- Oh no! Here they come.|- Give me full power, full system!
00:00:35:Are we too late?
00:00:37:Mr. Anderson, welcome back.
00:00:40:We missed you.
00:00:42:It ends tonight.
00:00:47:He fights for us.
00:01:10:It's nice to have|something to look forward to.
00:01:16:Indeed, it is.


00:00:07:- Operator.|- Is the exit still clean?
00:00:10:As vestal as my bunghole.
00:00:12:I'll see you soon.
00:00:21:- Captain...|- After you.
00:00:37:This is Zion Control to the Logos.|Gate 3 is standing down.
00:00:41:Your path is cleared to Bay 2.|Welcome home.
00:00:44:Thank you, Control.|It's good to be home.
00:00:47:Damn good.
00:00:57:Look at that.|Almost a full house.
00:01:01:No Neb.
00:01:03:If I was Morpheus I wouldn't be|in a hurry to get back here.
00:01:07:What do you think|the commander will do?
00:01:09:I don't know, but I'm staying|as far away from that as I can.


00:00:08:Look at'em. Like flies to cow pies,|crawling over every drop we ever used.
00:00:13:We don't have a lot of time.
00:00:15:A lot of time?|Wrong. We don't have a little time.
00:00:20:Look, I don't mean to be|Mr. Nay-Say, but do you really think
00:00:24:you've got a chance in hell of getting|to that thing before they find it?
00:00:27:I don't know. But that|won't stop her from trying.
00:00:30:Come on, Ghost.|It's crazy!
00:00:32:Sparks, how long hav|you been operating on this ship?
00:00:34:Three years.
00:00:35:Then you ought to know by now, when|she makes up her mind you have one choice:
00:00:39:you go with her or you|get the hell out of her way.
00:01:11:- We've scouted the post office.|- Is the drop still clean?
00:01:17:Niobe, this won't be easy.
00:01:24:Thadeus was my friend.|I knew him.
00:01:26:He never used a drop before.|He didn't trust them.
00:01:31:Whatever is in that box cost|Thadeus his life and the lives of his crew.
00:01:35:And I have a feeling if we don't get to i


00:00:06:You OK?
00:00:09:Man, reality can be a bitch.
00:00:11:Tell me about it.
00:00:13:You want a shot?|Dr. Feelgood can fix you up.
00:00:16:Right now, all I want|is to know what's on that disk.
00:00:22:Sir! We just received|an emergency broadcast from the Logos.
00:00:26:- She did it!|- Yes, sir.
00:00:28:The last transmission of the Osiris.
00:00:30:This is Thadeus,|Captain of the Osiris.
00:00:32:It is 18:03 on 12-14 and|I fear this will be our last transmission.
00:00:37:Less than two hours ago, we were pinned|between two search units near BZ-218.
00:00:41:We tried to outrun them on the surface|when our sensors went completely berserk.
00:00:45:We didn't believe what our equipment|was telling us, until we ran smack into the middle of it.
00:00:50:An army. Their army.|It's massive.
00:00:54:Hundreds of times the size|of anything we've fought.
00:00:57:We are under heavy pursuit|and have sustained critical damage.
00:01:00:We are going to attempt|an emergency broadcast drop in the Matr


00:00:07:All right, Axel.
00:00:09:That's your dust-off.
00:00:11:You know, there's a lot of guys|that wouldn't have done what you did.
00:00:14:I thank you for it.
00:00:16:You would have.
00:00:17:It was that, or kill you.
00:00:20:I'm just glad fate brought you to the airport.
00:00:22:I'm not sure you'll agree with that tomorrow.
00:00:24:Just tell Soren: midnight.|He'll know the place.
00:00:39:He is fast.|I will say that.
00:00:53:72 hours...|72 hours...
00:01:00:What did you just say?
00:01:02:That's exactly how long Zion lasted last time.
00:01:06:What do you mean,|and who are you?
00:01:10:Me? Nobody. Just a...|spectator enjoying the ride.
00:01:18:72 hours...


00:00:35:You're here.
00:00:43:They're waiting.
00:00:45:Has everyone arrived?
00:00:47:All but the Nebuchadnezzar.
00:00:49:Figures. Everything|for an entrance.
00:01:04:- Captains.|- Captain Niobe,
00:01:08:my crew and I appreciate|what you did for us back there.
00:01:11:- How is he?|- He's alive. Happy to be alive.
00:01:14:Let's get going, because you know Morpheus|is not going to show until after we get started.
00:01:18:I agree. I don't like us all|being in the same place for too long.
00:01:21:Why don't you tell us|what this is all about, Niobe?
00:01:24:The Machines are digging...
00:01:55:Oh shit, no!
00:01:58:It's the Feds!
00:02:00:Get to your exits!


00:00:07:- Where'd they go?|- Where are we?
00:00:10:The Matrix is structured|like a building.
00:00:12:It rests atop a foundation|that is built upon a substructure.
00:00:16:We're standing in|a programmers' maintenance passage.
00:00:19:- It is how I escaped.|- Escaped?
00:00:22:I have been held captive|in a chateau in the mountains
00:00:26:by an exile named the Merovingian.
00:00:29:He imprisoned me for my keys.
00:00:32:You will find I lack the virtues|of both tolerance and patience. Au travail.
00:00:43:But even he cannot keep me|from playing my part in what will come.
00:00:48:My purpose, I have seen,|is entwined with your own.
00:00:51:What purpose?
00:00:55:It's a very special key,|meant only for the One.
00:01:00:Will you bring it to him?
00:01:02:- What does it unlock?|- The future.
00:01:07:Anyone moves, and her|brains are a Jackson Pollock.
00:01:11:Drop it!
00:01:17:I see we're just in time.
00:01:19:You didn't think we left|that door unlocked by accident, did you?


00:00:11:I've been watching you.
00:00:13:You're looking for your friend.|But you will never find them.
00:00:17:Then you're|going to help me.
00:00:22:I can have this room full of my husband's|men in a heartbeat if I wanted to.
00:00:27:But that wouldn't|serve either of us, would it?
00:00:30:What do you want?
00:00:34:A long time ago, I did not|even know what that question meant.
00:00:40:Now, it is all|I ever think about.
00:00:48:I see that you care|for your friend a great deal.
00:00:51:If they were to die,|you would feel such terrible pain.
00:00:56:To be honest, I do|enjoy the taste of tears.
00:01:03:But there is something|I enjoy so much more.
00:01:12:You have it.|Buried deep inside you.
00:01:15:Hidden, perhaps from yourself.
00:01:19:But I see it...|there... creating such heat.
00:01:27:Back off.
00:01:29:You are in love, are you not?
00:01:34:If you want me to help you,|all you must do is kiss me,
00:01:38:as though you were kissing them.
00:01:42:If you kiss me


00:00:08:I've been watching you.
00:00:10:You're looking for your friend.|But you will never find them.
00:00:15:Then you're gonna help me.
00:00:19:I can have this room full of my|husband's men in a heartbeat if I wanted to.
00:00:24:But that wouldn't serve|either of us, would it?
00:00:27:What do you want?
00:00:31:A long time ago, I did not|even know what that question meant.
00:00:37:Now, it is all|I ever think about.
00:00:43:I see that you care|for your friend a great deal.
00:00:47:If they were to die,|you would feel such terrible pain.
00:00:52:To be honest, I do|enjoy the taste of tears.
00:00:59:But there is something|I enjoy so much more.
00:01:08:You have it.
00:01:11:Buried deep inside you.
00:01:15:Hidden, perhaps from yourself.
00:01:19:But I see it...|there... creating such heat.
00:01:27:Back off.
00:01:29:You are in love,|are you not?
00:01:32:If you want me to help you,
00:01:34:all you must|do is kiss me,
00:01:36:as though you|were kissing them.


video from \Enter the Matrix\movies\fmv\
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c1500_s 0:45 - before sewers
c1650_s 1:18 - ending sequence
c640_s 1:13 - before Zion
g01_s2:22 - beginning
g11_s2:02 - message from Osiris
g26_s1:23 - after Axel
g27_s2:08 - captains gathering
g37_s1:54 - Keymaker
g40_g3:09 - Persephone & Ghost
g40_n3:26 - Persephone & Niobe
g45_n2:36 - Niobe & Lock
g47_g0:16 - Ghost & Trinity [no text]
g50_g0:43 - Ghost & Trinity after fight
g51_s4:12 - Seraph to Oracle, Ballard & Seraph, Niobe & Lock
g60_s0:16 - Sparks & Ghost
g61_s2:11 - Trucks!
g75_s1:11 - 3 ships, preps for attack
g81_g1:25 - The Plant blow (Ghost)
g81_n0:38 - The Plant blow (Niobe) [same as above, only shorter, no text]
g82_s1:26 - failure, Seraph's calling
g89_g 3:52 - Ghost & Oracle, Smith
g89_n4:33 - Niobe & Oracle, Smith


00:00:10:When are we gonna|find you a girlfriend?
00:00:13:Like Augustine|I'm dedicated to higher purpose.
00:00:15:What's that?
00:00:19:Is that why so|many saints are blind?
00:00:21:Celibacy is a hands-on job.
00:00:30:Thank you, Ghost.
00:00:32:Any time.


00:00:09:Thank you for coming so quickly.
00:00:11:You have no need to thank me.|I am forever indebted to you.
00:00:15:It is now I who needs your help.
00:00:28:Who the hell are you?
00:00:30:I am Seraph,|Guardian of the Oracle.
00:00:34:Is that right?
00:00:36:I can take you to her.|But first, I must apologize.
00:00:40:For what?
00:00:42:For this...
00:01:09:Good. You do not truly|know someone until you fight them.
00:01:15:Come with me.
00:01:17:Only thing you know about me|is that I was about to kick your ass.
00:01:21:Time has grown so short.|The shadow has already begun to spread.
00:01:28:Does the One know?
00:01:36:- Oh God!|- Smith will suffice.
00:01:43:Will he succeed?
00:01:46:There are so many factors.|Between here and there,
00:01:49:there are so many choices,|and so much fear.
00:01:54:Niobe, I have|something to tell you.
00:01:58:It's a strategy to counterattack|the machines using the ship's EMPs.
00:02:04:- How many ships?|- All of them.
00:02:08:Except yours.


00:00:04:Oh, I can't watch this.
00:00:12:I can't hear you!
00:00:14:I said can I have|your personal processing unit!


00:00:03:We ain't done yet.
00:00:10:Go kick his ass.
00:00:27:Heads up, guys!|Incoming!
00:01:00:Ghost, help me out here.|She promised, you heard her.
00:01:03:Jack in, find the One,|jack out. End of story.
00:01:07:- What happened?|- It's Morpheus. He just called.
00:01:10:He says he needs your help.|Can you imagine what that means?
00:01:14:Our help! He's got Neo!|Why does he need you?
00:01:24:I know your both listening|to me about as much
00:01:26:as you're listening to this pole here|so I'll just tell you what I think.
00:01:32:I think you just spent eight of|your nine lives getting out of there,
00:01:35:and if you turn around and go right back in,
00:01:37:I don't think you're just pushing your luck,
00:01:39:I don't think you're crazy...|I think you have a death wish!
00:01:43:A major full-on Bronson!
00:01:47:And since your lives obviously mean nothing|to you, I ask you to try to think of something
00:01:53:that does have meaning.|Namely, my life.
00:01:58:Sparks, shut up!


00:00:09:Has there been any word from the Logos?
00:00:11:No, sir. No word from|the Vigilant or the Nebuchadnezzar.
00:00:15:Damn it, Niobe.|What are you doing?
00:00:18:Niobe, Ghost.|Thank you for coming.
00:00:21:Forgive me my urgency,|but as you know, time is always against us.
00:00:30:Bays One through Five|fully armed and loaded.
00:00:32:Good. We should be|in position inside the hour.
00:00:35:Captain, can I ask you a question?
00:00:39:What do you really|think of this plan?
00:00:42:If we stay out of|each other's EMP range...
00:00:44:if the line holds...|and if we're very, very lucky,
00:00:48:I think we got a chance.
00:00:51:And most of the time,|that's all you get.
00:00:55:The latest projections from seismic.
00:00:57:- How long?|- Less than three hours.


00:00:01:Are you sure if I blow control center|it won't cause an early shutdown the plant?
00:00:05:I've run that scenario a few times.|We should be OK.


00:00:02:I can't believe it.
00:00:04:- We did it.|- Did what is the question.
00:00:06:- What do you mean?|- I mean it didn't work.
00:00:09:Whatever was supposed|to happen didn't happen.
00:00:12:Something's gone wrong.
00:00:29:- What was that?|- I think it was an EMP.
00:00:34:No idea but right now|we cant't reach 11, 4 or 7...
00:00:36:Sir! We just lost contact with Icharus!
00:00:39:- What?|- ...and the Novalis and the Caduceus!
00:00:43:- How is that possible?|- I don't understand it, sir, but the line is broken.
00:00:46:God damn it!|What the hell is happening?!
00:00:47:One minute, everything's fine.|The next, all hell breaks loose.
00:00:50:Now there is no sign|of Morpheus, Trinity or Neo.
00:00:54:Everyone's gone.
00:00:57:Well, then who's that?
00:01:00:- I don't know.|- Well, answer it.
00:01:08:- Operator.|- Is this the Logos?
00:01:17:This is captain Niobe|of the Logos, who is this?
00:01:20:My name is Seraph.|I bring word from the Oracle.


00:00:03:You must be Ghost...
00:00:06:Who are you?
00:00:08:I am the Oracle.
00:00:10:If that's true, then what's|my response to that postulate?
00:00:13:Truth is an event,
00:00:15:ad only through experience can|the veracity of a truth be verified...
00:00:20:William James.
00:00:22:- You're asking me to prove it?|- Can you?
00:00:24:I can tell you that I only|remember bits and pieces of my past...
00:00:29:I don't remember your face,|but I remember your heart.
00:00:33:You asked me one question:|if she would ever love you...
00:00:37:I told you, only as|a friend, as her brother...
00:00:44:I remember that smile.
00:00:47:I recall asking what you were thinking|but I can't remember what you said.
00:00:52:- I thanked you...|- Why?
00:00:54:- Because I felt freed.|- From what?
00:01:01:Can you tell me what happened to you?
00:01:03:Two programs that I trusted sold the termination code
00:01:07:of my original shell to the Merovingian.


00:00:14:Do I know you?
00:00:15:You know me, though|you may not recognize me.
00:00:18:Are you telling me|that you are the Oracle?
00:00:23:I know this won't be easy for|any of you - change never is...
00:00:29:I wish the face you remember was the face|I was still wearing. But that face is gone...
00:00:36:If you are the Oracle,|tell me if I believe you are.
00:00:41:You don't right now,|but you will.
00:00:44:Are you going to tell me|something to make me believe you?
00:00:47:Come on Niobe, you|know I can't do that...
00:00:49:Why not?
00:00:51:Because I can't make you do anything...
00:00:54:At least you sound the same.
00:00:56:As I said, you may not recognize the face,
00:00:59:but who and what I am beneath remains the same.
00:01:04:Can I ask what happened?
00:01:06:The Merovingian warned me, that if|I made a certain choice, it would cost me.
00:01:15:He is among other|things a man of his word.
00:01:19:- What was the choice?|- The same one you yourself will

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