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Podnapisi :: Eyes Wide Shut

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Eyes Wide Shut v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 29.664 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Eyes Wide Shut (2of2).English.sub

{2257}{2324}I'm not sure what you|think you're doing.
{2333}{2382}But you don't belong here.
{2402}{2520}I'm sorry, but I think you've|mistaken me for someone else.
{2602}{2674}Please! Don't be foolish.
{2691}{2733}You must go now.
{2848}{2878}Who are you?
{2884}{2936}It doesn't matter who I am.
{2954}{3007}You are in great danger.
{3029}{3096}You must get away|while there's still a chance.
{3200}{3272}Would you be so good|as to excuse us for a moment?
{7563}{7622}Have you been enjoying yourself?
{7668}{7755}Well, I've had a very|interesting look around.
{7818}{7903}Do you want to go somewhere|a little more private?
{8076}{8116}That might be a good idea.
{8122}{8235}Here you are.|I've been looking all over for you.
{8280}{8330}May I borrow him|for just a few minutes?
{8336}{8395}I promise to bring him right back.
{8639}{8709}I don't think you realize|the danger you're in now.
{8714}{8763}You can't fool them for much longer.
{8768}{8840}You've got to get a

Eyes Wide Shut (1of2).English.sub

{1487}{1542}Honey, have you seen my wallet?
{1573}{1631}Isn't it on the bedside table?
{1788}{1848}Now listen, we' re running a little late.
{1853}{1878}I know.
{1895}{1928}How do I look?
{1974}{2014}Is my hair okay?
{2025}{2053}It's great.
{2059}{2108}You' re not even looking at it.
{2137}{2172}It's beautiful.
{2183}{2223}You always look beautiful.
{2235}{2284}Did you give Roz the phone|and pager numbers?
{2289}{2348}Yeah, I put it on the fridge.|Let's go.
{2399}{2436}All right.
{2442}{2471}I'm ready.
{2879}{2920}What's the babysitter's name?
{3010}{3077}Okay, Roz, we' re going now.
{3091}{3150}You look amazing, Mrs. Harford.
{3155}{3211}Thank you.|Helena, are you ready for bed?
{3216}{3279}Yes, Mommy. Can I stay up|and watch The Nutcracker?
{3285}{3330}- What time's it on?|- 9:00.
{3336}{3398}- You can watch that.|- Can I stay up until you get home?
{3403}{3477}- No, darling.|- It'll be a little late for that.

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 Eyes Wide Shut
 Eyes Wide Shut
 Eyes Wide Shut
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