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Podnapisi :: Far from Heaven

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Far from Heaven v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 32.531 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Far from Heaven.cd1.txt

{3623}{3696}Mother! Mother,|can I sleep over at Hutch's tonight?
{3697}{3745}Mrs. Hutchinson|gave permission.
{3745}{3793}Not tonight, David.|Your father and I are going out,
{3795}{3841}and I need you|to look after your sister.
{3843}{3925}Aw, shucks.|Now move out of the way|so Mother can park.
{4205}{4305}Sherry Seeger says they only|cost five or six dollars.
{4307}{4368}Please, Mother.|Please, can I?
{4369}{4448}Oh, Sybil, thank heavens.|Well, I knew you were|going to the grocery.
{4449}{4503}David, please help Sybil|unload the car.
{4505}{4568}How comeJanice|doesn't gotta?|Doesn't "have" to.
{4569}{4620}BecauseJanice is carrying|in all her belongings...
{4621}{4672}and marching straight|upstairs into a bath.
{4673}{4760}Your father and I have|an engagement tonight, so I want|you to have a nice early dinner.
{4761}{4809}And help Sybil.|[Together]|Yes, ma'am.
{4811}{4897}Sybil, did Mr. Whitaker call|while I was out?|Not since you've been gone.
{4899}{4972}How do you like that guy?|Mother, can

Far from Heaven.cd2.txt

{23}{77}You changed your mind.
{79}{125}Well, good.
{561}{610}Thank you very much,|Mr. Deagan.|Thank you.
{635}{682}[Dog Barking]
{1096}{1162}Oh, is lovely.|What is it?
{1164}{1266}Hamamelis...|well, flowering witch hazel.|Fairly rare in these parts.
{1268}{1314}Is beautiful.
{1316}{1385}You were right.|What a perfectly|lovely spot.
{1420}{1482}Is that a path?
{1484}{1530}I think so.
{1532}{1602}Les have a peek.|All right.
{1788}{1854}Sometimes is the people|outside our world...
{1856}{1922}we confide in best.
{1923}{2006}But once you do... confide,|share with someone,
{2008}{2062}they're no longer|really outside, are they?
{2110}{2159}Oh. Look!
{2161}{2212}How lovely.
{2443}{2510}Did he cause that?
{2660}{2706}He didn't mean to strike me.
{2769}{2823}I am so sorry.
{2897}{2983}No. Heaven knows|we all have our troubles.
{2984}{3036}I'm sure you,|yourself...
{3167}{3264}I don't know.|Ever since running into you|at the exhibition,
{3267}{3311}I kept wondering|what i

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