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Podnapisi :: Farinelli - il castrato

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Farinelli - il castrato v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 16.716 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{1755}{1794}Don't sing again, Carlo!
{1897}{1928}Don't sing again!
{1987}{2088}They'll do this toyou!|Your death is in your throat!
{2642}{2691}Enough!|Riccardo Broschi...
{2694}{2766}this introduction is unworthy|of what I've taught you.
{2795}{2872}Maestro Porpora, please!
{2874}{2952}You cannot judge|his score...
{2954}{3032}until you've heard|at least the first part sung.
{3034}{3082}These two...
{3085}{3133}were made for each other.
{3161}{3214}Then let us hear this music.
{3217}{3255}This "joint creation" by...
{3258}{3306}your two sons,|Signor Broschi.
{3309}{3376}That's what you want,|isn't it?
{3437}{3477}Go on.
{3756}{3802}What are you waiting for?
{3881}{3932}Carlo Broschi, sing!
{4050}{4122}You have ten seconds|to save your brother.
{4442}{4482}Your voice, my boy.
{4507}{4539}Your voice!
{4566}{4612}Let me hear your voice!
{4878}{4969}Why did the castrato die?|Why? Why?
{5153}{5240}Don't ever refuse your voice|to your brother.


{224}{258}What do you mean?
{260}{317}These operas Handel composes|in three weeks...
{320}{369}are an insult|to his audience.
{372}{435}- Who spread this slander?|- Rumors.
{437}{517}Rumors that you stop|to peddle, sir!
{519}{604}- Have you heard these operas, sir?|- You're joking, young lady.
{607}{690}That would be treason.|We never attend Covent Garden.
{692}{809}I have heard them. They surpass|anything one hears anywhere else.
{812}{913}I can't imagine Handel's work|surpasses Maestro Porpora's work.
{940}{989}Or that of Signor Broschi.
{992}{1077}You're an ass, sir.|You don't deserve to have ears!
{1080}{1155}Long after posterity|has forgotten...
{1158}{1210}that you ever lived...
{1212}{1310}it will preserve Handel's name|with infinite respect.
{1312}{1371}Your conceited attitude...
{1374}{1439}is an insult|to all musicians.
{1442}{1522}I'd like to erase from my memory|this cursed day...
{1524}{1573}when I sang for you!
{2383}{2444}You're cheating, Carlo.
{2447}{2491}He always cheated.

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 Farinelli - Il Castrato

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