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Podnapisi :: Fellini.And.the.ship.sails.on

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Fellini.And.the.ship.sails.on v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 37.909 bitov v zip obliki.

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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Fellini.And.the.ship.sails.on[Eng] CD2.sub

{47}{94}Excuse me, Mother
{106}{194}Go get your cape, darling,|you can't stay like that
{199}{280}- I'm not cold|- It gets damp when the sun sets
{283}{346}Look at these colors, darling
{351}{426}Every sunset bearing the stamp|of divinity!
{439}{532}You know, Mr. Orlando, I spent|all Saturday painting
{551}{620}I don't know what I'd give|to paint such a picture
{626}{696}But how can we compete with|the Creator?
{721}{765}Now I'd like to rehearse|the Domine Deus
{771}{863}They're rehearsing.|Excuse me a moment
{902}{944}Sit next to Fuciletto.
{1106}{1129}It's the Oratorio!
{1406}{1493}Captain, I want to ask you|one thing. Last night
{1497}{1575}I was awakened by a|patter on my porthole
{1582}{1685}- Is that possible?|- It's our seagull, Icarus
{1700}{1773}We gave him that name because|he broke a wing
{1782}{1873}Don't you smell that horrible|odor? Why does it stink?
{1886}{1912}Don't you smell it?
{1974}{2095}- Mother, where is it coming from?|- Yes, it's the fish
{2098}{2119}I can't breathe

Fellini.And.the.ship.sails.on[Eng] .sub

{6022}{6089}They tell me: "Do the news,|tell what happens!"
{6093}{6145}And who the hell knows|what happens?
{6862}{6929}Whoever might have accidentally|wandered onto Pier Number 10
{6933}{6987}one July morning of 1914 would|have seen that...
{9776}{9837}I must hand over the ashes|of Edmea Tetua
{10016}{10045}Mr. Partexano!
{10265}{10337}Permission to bring the ashes|of Edmea Tetua aboard
{10346}{10429}- Permission granted.|- On the broadside!
{18358}{18441}- What are you doing, Monica?|- It's very hot, Mommy!
{18449}{18482}Wait for it to cool!
{18514}{18589}Even if my husband agreed,|it doesn't mean anything
{18602}{18694}My husband is a great artist.|But don't get mad, darling...
{18701}{18734}he's simply a child|in business matters
{18739}{18810}I wouldn't say so. However, I'm|here to defend your interests
{18813}{18882}That's not true! You didn't act|on his behalf in that contract!
{18886}{18933}And I'll tell you why.|First:
{18953}{19008}advertising. It'

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