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Podnapisi :: Frankenstein (1994) -REQ

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Frankenstein (1994) -REQ v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 22.246 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{723}{802}I busied myself|to think of a story...
{804}{907}which would speak to the mysterious|fears of our nature...
{909}{988}and awaken thrilling horror-
{1027}{1145}one to make the reader|dread to look around-
{1146}{1210}to curdle the blood...
{1212}{1278}and quicken the beatings|of the heart.
{2526}{2603}Tell the captain|we've got to take in...
{2604}{2652}the top sail!
{2654}{2709}She's going to rip!
{2825}{2869}Please, Captain !
{2871}{2928}We have to drop the sails!
{2930}{2978}All hands to the mast!
{2979}{3033}Take the wheel! Come on!
{3142}{3211}We're dead!|We've hit the ice!
{3261}{3322}Iceberg ahead!
{3450}{3498}Hard to starboard!
{4276}{4325}Hold on men !
{4879}{4948}Put your backs into it, men!
{4974}{5039}- Let's go!|- Captain, this is useless.
{5041}{5129}- The ice stretches tor miles.|- Do you suggest we lay down and die?
{5131}{5196}The men are exhausted.|They can't go on.
{5198}{5269}I have not come this tar|to give up now.


{49}{87}Come on, then.
{515}{572}The ground's frozen solid.
{574}{647}We haven't the strength.|We'd need 20 men to work this tield!
{648}{683}It's useless!
{684}{771}- We should stop. It's late.|- We don't have enough to eat!
{772}{819}We'll manage.
{820}{863}Let's go.
{1744}{1821}They must be gitts trom|the good spirit ot the torest!
{1823}{1903}Father, nothing in this lite|comes tree ot cost.
{1904}{1951}I'd like to know who and why.
{1952}{2007}Was it, Grandpa?
{2009}{2075}- Was it the good spirit?|- I believe it was.
{2077}{2148}Will you stop tilling their head|with nonsense?
{2639}{2688}Who's there?
{2711}{2786}Felix? Children?
{3168}{3210}What's this one?
{3387}{3439}Well done!
{3441}{3501}That's very good.
{3503}{3575}You've got lots of triends,|haven't you?
{3577}{3629}Grandpa's your triend.
{3630}{3715}- Thomas is your triend.|- Friend.

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