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Podnapisi :: Frequency (7)

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Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{625}{684}Crimson and clover
{696}{753}Over and over
{765}{832}Crimson and clover
{867}{888}...believe your eyes...
{900}{973}those are the northern lights|on view above the city...
{985}{1050}forthefirsttime|in nearly eighty years.
{1062}{1139}Oh, Susie Q, baby, l love you
{1175}{1204}lt's 5.00 a.m.|Hello, New York.
{1216}{1273}The big story this morning|is the Amazings...
{1285}{1322}taking thefield today|in Baltimore...
{1334}{1374}fortheirfinal practise|before tomorrow's opener...
{1386}{1436}of the 1969 World--
{1448}{1478}Early this morning,|sanitation workers...
{1490}{1524}discovered the dead body|of another nurse...
{1536}{1564}in a Dumpster in Queens.
{1576}{1623}This is the third nurse killed|in what New York papers...
{1635}{1717}are now calling|the Nightingale murders.
{1858}{1898}All three victims|have been nurses...
{1910}{1936}each of themfound strangled...
{1948}{1993}with their hands gruesomely|bound behind their backs...
{2005}{2049}with glass tape.
{2061}{2112}The ligh

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 Frequency (2000)
 Frequency - New Line Platinum Series

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