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Podnapisi :: From Hell (21)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film From Hell v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 32.577 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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From Hell.cd1.txt

{3224}{3269}You just get out of here!
{3272}{3341}Oh, please!|I beg of you!
{3371}{3416}That won't hold up.
{3419}{3500}That's no good. You can throw|that right away. Start again.
{3941}{3997}You're bloody drinkin'|all our money again!
{4000}{4069}I'll kick your bleedin' ass!|All our bloody savings!
{4072}{4117}What do you say, darling?
{4120}{4189}Gonna have a hell of a holiday|identifying that!
{4340}{4386}You needn't fear.
{4388}{4458}That's it. You'll feel|better when you get to...
{4552}{4598}We warned you!
{4600}{4646}What is this?
{4648}{4718}This'll be|the last warning you get!
{4822}{4880}Good night, Polly.|Gonna be a long night, Mary.
{4883}{4928}Too bloody long.
{5071}{5128}It's quiet, isn't it?|Like the devil's laugh.
{5130}{5200}You had any luck?|No, not very much.
{5383}{5452}A penny for a suck.|Piss off.
{5499}{5544}Where's Kate?|Across the street.
{5575}{5620}Take it easy, now.
{5623}{5668}Here we are.
{5671}{5727}Slow down.

From Hell.cd2.txt

{3}{48}When things was good.
{51}{144}We were starvin',|but we were starvin' in fresh air.
{200}{256}I was thinking...
{259}{335}...we ain't ever gonna earn enough|to satisfy the Nichols boys...
{338}{380}...and feed our own mouths.
{431}{497}You said, right...|You said those men, yeah?
{500}{581}The ones who took her rich artist man|and who took her as well.
{584}{685}You said they was clean shaven|and their clothes was neat.
{688}{762}Yeah, right.|Well, they weren't no criminals then.
{765}{834}I mean, they weren't the likes|of the Nichols boys.
{837}{880}They was unusual.
{883}{929}Perhaps even official.
{931}{973}What are you gettin' at, Annie?
{1020}{1075}Maybe we could go with the papers.
{1077}{1123}Get paid for the story, you know.
{1125}{1182}"Where is Ann Crook?"|That sort of thing.
{1185}{1246}The papers are always desperate|for things bad about the government.
{1248}{1287}And it's a mystery to boot.
{1290}{1345}It's not a bad plan.|What do you think, Mary?

From Hell.cd3.txt

{41}{103}You don't think Gull|is confiding in him, do you?
{106}{169}The old fellow isn't as far gone|as all that, is he?
{195}{270}No. He's not that foolish.
{378}{443}Let the brother receive the light.
{814}{928}'Another beautiful|murder will be committed by me."
{930}{989}"Fear me.Jack the Ripper."
{991}{1069}They're rubbish, you know that.|Yes, I agree. They're rubbish.
{1072}{1166}Though why you persist in believing that|red-haired jezebel, I'll never know.
{1170}{1247}Have you considered that she's the sort|of woman who likes to make up stories...
{1250}{1295}...particularly about men?
{1298}{1345}She is, after all, a whore.|She's a woman who...
{1428}{1519}"A rose by any other name."|Is that it?
{1567}{1645}Frederick, my dear chum, no one|is more delighted than I am...
{1648}{1719}...that you've decided to resume|your interest in the fairer sex...
{1722}{1769}...but please remember...
{1771}{1839}...a woman like that can make a man feel|whatever she wants him to feel.

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