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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Gangs of New York v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 37.700 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Gangs of New York (English) CD2.sub

{131}{171}Do they feed us now, you think?
{436}{520}My children, my chidren.
{544}{630}We must heal the divisions between us!
{653}{811}This war must cease. North and|South must stand united.
{1043}{1073}What happens at the finish?
{1090}{1138}Then we have ourselves a rowdy dow!
{1171}{1229}Ain't you never been to a theatre before?
{1267}{1342}Mr Legree, lay down your whip.
{1364}{1451}Miss Elisa join hands with mr. Shelby.
{1451}{1542}And Topsy. Dear little Topsy.
{1551}{1610}Cradle Uncle Tom's head.
{1623}{1666}Leave the nigger dead.
{1959}{1998}Down with the Union!
{2069}{2113}Down with the Union!
{2601}{2632}For the blood of the Irish.
{2639}{2679}Bill, get down!
{2887}{2926}Somebody's popped the Butcher!
{3928}{3960}Who's man are you?
{3968}{4005}Speak smart and speak up!
{4050}{4084}What's he saying?
{4125}{4187}I think he's making his peace with God.
{4187}{4213}To hell with that!
{4224}{4254}He makes his peace with me.
{4254}{4340}I'm hearing your confession ton

Gangs of New York (English) CD1.sub

{1486}{1589}No son, never. The blood stays|on the blade.
{1702}{1729}One day you'll understand.
{1989}{2013}Some of it I have remembered.
{2044}{2144}And the rest I|took from dreams.
{2258}{2319}St. Michael the Archangel|defend us in battle.
{2341}{2374}Be our protector.
{2412}{2508}Against the snares. And|the wickedness of the devil.
{2552}{2584}Now son, who's that?
{2597}{2618}St. Michael.
{2618}{2631}Who is it?
{2638}{2658}St. Michael.
{2672}{2686}And what did he do?
{2693}{2734}He cast Satan out| of Paradse.
{2768}{2783}Good boy!
{5358}{5378}What's the battle?
{5388}{5427}Natives against the|Dead Rabbits.
{5429}{5443}Which are you?
{5457}{5494}What do you think?|Dead Rabbits!
{6482}{6502}Well,well, Monk!
{6543}{6575}Are you with us|or not?
{6592}{6640}For the last time Vallon,|only if the money is right.
{6687}{6732}I'll give you 10 per notch.
{6808}{6822}You have my word.
{6961}{7021}10 per notch. Per new notch.
{7134}{7148}Then I'm your man.

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