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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Glory v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 24.656 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Glory CD1.txt

{2755}{2779}Dear Mother!
{2796}{2886}I hope you are keeping well|and not worrying too much about me.
{2892}{2956}You mustn't think|any of us are gonna be killed.
{2961}{3066}For they're collecting such a force|here that an attack would be insane.
{3093}{3162}The Massachusetts men|passed through this morning.
{3169}{3246}How grand it is to meet the men|from all the states...
{3252}{3301}...ready to fight for their country...
{3308}{3377} the old fellows did|in the Revolution.
{3384}{3469}But this time we must make it|a whole country...
{3474}{3576}... for all who live here,|so that all can speak.
{3613}{3656}Before this war began...
{3662}{3744}...many of my regiment|had never seen a Negro.
{3749}{3823}But now the roads are choked|with the dispossessed.
{3854}{3952}We fight for men and women|whose poetry is not yet written...
{3957}{4076}...but which will presently be|as enviable and as renowned as any.
{4116}{4180}Last night we heard|of yet another defeat...
{4187}{4227}...but we are not

Glory CD2.txt

{470}{550}Town's clean, sir.|Ain't no Rebs here, just some women.
{557}{621}Well, all right.|You hear that, boys?
{627}{677}Let's clear her out.
{800}{826}What are you doing?
{832}{895}Liberating this town|in the name of the Republic.
{901}{975}The musket, master colonel,|never shoot it. Shoot now?
{980}{1035}Yeah, l don't see why not.|Go ahead.
{1052}{1100}Shoot the lady, boys!
{1184}{1226}Don't shoot!|We ain't Secesh here.
{1232}{1261}That man's a civilian.
{1266}{1360}That man is Secesh.|And Secesh is all the same, son.
{1470}{1492}Look at them.
{1497}{1604}You really think anybody's gonna|put these boys into some real combat?
{1620}{1642}Do you?
{1697}{1756}They're little monkey children,|for God's sake.
{1760}{1824}And you just gotta know how|to control them.
{2004}{2058}You see what l mean? Children.
{2156}{2189}Leave her alone!
{2195}{2279}Hey, boy, take your hands|off the white lady.
{2489}{2575}That wouldn't have been necessary|if that wom

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