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Podnapisi :: Grey's anatomy complete season 2 [1-10]

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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Grey's Anatomy - 201.txt

{23}{74}Last season on "Grey's Anatomy"...
{76}{141}You have to go. I'm late.|Seriously. Good-bye...
{189}{230}- Derek.|- Yeah.
{258}{330}A month ago you were in med school being taught by doctors.
{333}{402}Today you are the doctors.
{405}{501}You're interns, grunts, nobodies, bottom of the surgical food chain.
{503}{570}It's like candy, but with blood, which is so much better.
{573}{608}And Dr. Shepherd he's over there.
{644}{700}Who here feels like they have no idea what they're doing?
{709}{769}- Stop looking at me like that.|- Like what?
{772}{805}Like you've seen me naked.
{812}{863}I don't get picked for surgeries 'cause I slept with my boss,
{865}{920}and I didn't get into med school 'cause I have a famous mother.
{937}{978}I used to be a doctor, I think.
{980}{1042}Fine, George and Izzie, you can move into the house.
{1047}{1107}So you blew me off for a bottle of tequila.
{1122}{1162}That's not nearly as much fun to wake up to.
{1196}{1244}You mind moving this tail wagon?

Grey's Anatomy - 202.txt

{0}{26}Previously on Grey's Anatomy
{26}{57}Derek's married.
{67}{105}Addison, what are you doing here?
{95}{146}- You had a life in Manhattan.|- Had.
{139}{218}Bringing Addie out was a business decision.|Nothing personal.
{208}{261}- It is personal to me.|- Don't sweat it, Shepherd.
{251}{299}I'll only be your boss a few days.
{287}{318}I have a girlfriend.
{335}{366}You and Alex?
{378}{421}You gave me syphilis?!
{450}{496}I think it's best to make a clean break.
{489}{522}Oh, you're ending this.
{517}{549}I'm pregnant.
{541}{608}Have you ever bothered|to tell Burke about the baby?
{601}{700}I've had this thing for my roommate since,|like, day one, and I just can't tell her.
{692}{757}My husband didn't cheat on me.|I cheated on him.
{750}{798}It's like I was drowning,|and you saved me.
{793}{827}It's not enough.
{944}{1102}I have an aunt who, whenever she poured|anything for you, would say, "say when."
{1098}{1167}It's not us. It's them.

Grey's Anatomy - 203.txt

{2}{45}Previously|on "grey's anatomy"...
{50}{83}derek's married.
{91}{143}You waited two months|to tell me,
{148}{206}and i had to find out|by her showing up
{208}{242}and telling me herself.
{242}{290}You had brain surgery|and didn't tell me?
{292}{333}You called my wife?|You called mine.
{335}{378}It's not like we're divorced.|Practically divorced.
{381}{433}You've had counseling?|We had adultery.That was enough.
{436}{501}I think it's best to make a clean break.|Oh,you're ending this.
{505}{537}I'm pregnant.
{544}{604}Have you even boered|to tell burke about the baby?
{606}{656}The clinic wouldn't let me|confirm my appointment
{659}{731}unless i designated|an emergency contact person.
{738}{762}You're my person.
{767}{819}-I am?|-I heard your mother was leaving mayo.
{822}{863}She goin' back|with the u.n.?
{875}{923}She's,uh,|taking time off.
{925}{954}What's your name?
{956}{999}It's me,mom,meredith.
{1215}{1273}oh,you are stupid.|Oh,god.
{1318}{1376}You're a stupid,|evil sadist,

Grey's Anatomy - 204 Deny, Deny, Deny.txt

{38}{74}Previously|on "grey's anatomy"...
{74}{93}patient's name?
{93}{139}-How many times Ive told you not to bother me when I...|- ellis grey.
{141}{215}-Meredith's mother.|-It's not that burke,broke up with me,
{218}{254}it's how he broke up with me.
{256}{316}Have you even bothered to|tell burke about the baby?
{335}{383}-Cristina!| -it was an extrauterine pregnancy.
{386}{467}-She's bleeding out.|-Stop talking to me like you're my boyfriend.
{467}{508}Stop talking to me at all.
{510}{553}If you came out here to try to win me back,
{556}{616}-you can forget about it.|-I just know i still love you.
{625}{700}Hating you is the most exhausting.
{906}{968} the key to surviving|a surgical internship
{983}{1007}is denial.
{1030}{1062}We deny that we're tired.
{1071}{1100}We deny that we're scared.
{1112}{1172}We deny hobadly|we wanna succeed.
{1182}{1263}And most importantly,|we deny that we're in denial.
{1265}{1309}I don't know.When i left,

Grey's Anatomy - 205 Bring The Pain.txt

{9}{55}Previously on "Greys.Anatomy"
{59}{79}The ball's in your court.
{107}{158}If you sign,I'll sign and |be on the first plane out of here.
{160}{196}Would you like to go outwith me tonight?
{199}{280}The hospital grants you four months|to retake the medical board exam.
{282}{318}What happens if I don't passthe second time?
{321}{378}You will no longer be|a surgical resident at seattle grace.
{388}{412}You look great.
{431}{448}Are you okay?
{450}{467}Yeah. You ready to go?
{469}{486}I didn't lie.
{489}{522}You withheld the truth.|How did I know you were
{525}{585}I distinctly remember you breaking things off with me.
{592}{604}Dr. Yang.
{620}{668}It was an extrauterine pregnancy.|She's bleeding out.
{685}{714}I don't think I'm supposed to be here.
{724}{755}No. No, you're not.
{757}{810}I don't want someone who doesn't want me, Meredith,
{812}{891}but if there's the slightest chance that he does|I'm not leaving seattle.
{1014}{1069}pain comes in al

Grey's Anatomy - 206 Into You Like A Train.txt

{21}{83}Previously on|"grey's anatomy"...
{83}{117}what is going|on with you?
{119}{143}The hospital grants you
{143}{199}four months to retake|the medical board exam.
{199}{280}Karev,|take the scalpel.|Alex! Come on!
{280}{369}Your choice?|It's simple. Her or me.
{369}{409}Addison is my family.|Then one day,
{409}{462}i'm supposed to sign a piece|of paper and end my family?
{462}{498}Is that your date?|That's my husband.
{501}{549}You're married?|Ten years today.
{549}{587}Burke wants to have|a relationship.
{589}{632}Okay,we're a couple.
{632}{704}So pick me.|Choose me.
{707}{772}Love me.|I'll be at joe's tonight.
{772}{870}So if you do decide to sign|the papers,meet me there.
{870}{911}Tell me what to do.
{1126}{1172}I actually said|"pick me."
{1172}{1229}Right? I did?|"Pick me"?
{1229}{1297}I think it's romantic.|It's not romantic,joe.
{1299}{1325}It's horrifying.
{1325}{1364}Horror movie horrifying.
{1364}{1426}Carrie at the prom|with the pig's blood horrifying.

Grey's Anatomy - 207 Something to Talk About.txt

{11}{55}Previously on|"grey's anatomy"...
{55}{91}i'm touchin' the aorta.
{141}{184}You just flew solo.
{184}{220}o'malley plugs a hole|with his finger,
{220}{268}and everyone walks around like|he's some kind of hero.
{268}{335}I have one off day.|You chickened out.
{335}{378}I hesitated briefly.
{378}{438}Why didn't you kiss izzie?
{467}{493}It's my first day back.
{493}{549}I'm not waiting forever.
{549}{597}Okay,we're a couple.
{606}{656}Whatever. Don't make|a big deal about it.
{656}{748}So pick me.|Choose me. Love me.
{750}{772}Derek,|have you ever thought
{772}{836}that even if i am satan|and an adulteress bitch
{839}{891}that i still might be|the love of your life?
{891}{990}You're staying with her.|Yeah,she's my wife.
{1179}{1256}it's the first thing|we really learn in life...
{1395}{1428}she didn't even know|he was married.
{1431}{1486}I mean,his wife just shows up|and he dumps her.
{1488}{1536}I heard

Grey's Anatomy - 208 Let It Be.txt

{4}{38}|Previously on |"grey's anatomy"...
{38}{62}|her or me.
{64}{124}|I need him to stop |talking to meredith.
{127}{151}|You're staying with her.
{153}{177}|She's my wife.
{179}{210}|I broke up with derek.
{210}{234}|So where are we?
{239}{266}|We are a couple.
{268}{306}|I know the rules,
{311}{345}|but I don't want
{347}{390}|to have a |relationship that's secret.
{393}{429}|Boys are stupid.
{469}{493}|What,you got a date?
{496}{532}|Yes. Yes,I do.
{537}{561}|You're married?
{565}{589}|Ten years today.
{592}{637}|How come I didn't |know you were married?
{642}{673}|You never asked.
{786}{815}|in the eighth grade,
{819}{860}|my english class had to read
{863}{908}|"romeo and juliet. "
{925}{963}|Then for extra credit,
{968}{1007}|mrs. Snyder made us
{1009}{1054}|act out all the parts.
{1131}{1210}|Sal scaffarillo was romeo.
{1217}{1258}|As fate would have it,
{1261}{1301}|I was juliet.
{1524}{1575}|All the other |girls were jealous,
{1580}{1651}|but I had a |slightly dif

Grey's Anatomy - 209 Thanks for the Memories.txt

{93}{134}giving thanks...
{146}{194}no matter what words you use,
{194}{246}it all means the same thing
{362}{402}We're supposed to be happy,
{414}{493}grateful for friends,family.
{508}{546}Happy to just be alive.
{565}{604}Whether we like it or not.
{604}{623}What do you think you're doing?
{652}{683}Answering the door.
{726}{774}You're going to the hospital? Yes,but...
{774}{829}meredith,everyone is supposed to be in the kitchen by 9 a.m.
{829}{879}To help me make dinner. It's thanksgiving.
{879}{920}I'm really not in the mood.
{920}{954}But it's like a family...
{1090}{1124}This where georgie lives?
{1146}{1189}O'malley. Where is he,upstairs?
{1189}{1234}Oh,george. Yeah.
{1234}{1273}o'malley! O'malley!
{1345}{1371}Should i call the police?
{1455}{1493}Meredith,i'm serious!
{1493}{1551}You need to be back here for dinner at 6. i mean it!

Grey's Anatomy - 210 Much Too Much.txt

{38}{81}you can't help her now.
{81}{131}You don't ask a lot|of personal questions,
{163}{201}and you're very hard|to get to know.
{239}{299}With your reputation,|seattle grace will become one of
{299}{340}the foremost neonatal hospitals|west of manhattan.
{340}{366}We got a third trimester|burn victim here.
{366}{443}Dr. Bailey,|i'm gonna need some help.
{443}{484}You show a real gift|with my specialty,
{484}{537}i'm going to be staying|in town for awhile.
{537}{570}Good-bye, derek.
{597}{618}Good-bye, meredith.
{654}{695}Do you want to buy me|a drink?
{951}{980}(meredith)|When you were a kid,
{980}{1021}it was halloween candy.
{1172}{1256}You hid it from your parents|and ate it until you got sick.
{1381}{1428}So this is...|where you live?
{1493}{1556}In college,|it was the heady combo
{1556}{1630}of youth, tequila and well...|you know.
{1747}{1812}As a surgeon, you take|as much of the good
{1812}{1846}as you can get...

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