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Podnapisi :: Half Baked (12)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Half Baked v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 28.774 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Half Baked.cd1.txt

{554}{579}Wait, one.
{657}{682}Wait, two.
{872}{926}Hey. What's up, everybody?|I'm Thurgood Jenkins.
{950}{980}You know, it's funny...
{981}{1112}...but I can trace the entire path|of my life to one childhood memory.
{1114}{1158}My last clear memory, really.
{1159}{1225}You see, it was the summer|before ninth grade.
{1227}{1291}It was me, Brian, Kenny,|Scarface...
{1292}{1359}...and of course|the loveable Old James.
{1360}{1461}Oh, hold on. Wait a minute.|Old James... Old James wasn't there.
{1463}{1584}I don't even know nobody named|Old James. Shoot. Go on!
{1634}{1735}Why don't you|light it up there, brother?|All right. Here goes nothin'.
{1872}{1997}I don't remember graduatin'.|And my first sexual experience...|I don't remember that either.
{1999}{2115}But, man, I will never forget|the first time I smoked...
{2116}{2167}...that sweet, sweet chiva.
{2168}{2274}Feel anything?|Yeah, I feel my chest cavin' in.
{2276}{2358}This stuff|didn't even work.|Man!

Half Baked.cd2.txt

{42}{154}Don't worry. Don't worry.
{156}{242}I'm not gonna do what|everyone thinks I'm gonna do:
{244}{322}Flip out, man!
{324}{439}All I wanna know is:|who's comin' with me?
{510}{581}Who's comin', man?|Who's comin' with me?
{610}{709}Huh? Who's comin' with me, man?
{737}{830}I will.|Jan.
{831}{927}Thank you, Jan. Yeah.
{982}{1039}That's what|I'm talkin' about.
{1041}{1110}Bully, man. Yeah.
{1256}{1365}Jan, will you be|my girlfriend?
{1366}{1461}I would... but I'm gay,|you know?
{1462}{1510}Ohh.|I'm a big dyke.
{1512}{1558}What's that like?
{1560}{1623}Thank you for calling.|Thank you very much. Bye-bye.
{1625}{1700}We had to hire that girl Jan|'cause she followed Brian.
{1702}{1749}But it actually worked out.|Mr. Nice Guy.
{1750}{1829}She was more organized than we were,|and she was willing to work for weed.
{1830}{1877}All right, then.
{1878}{1963}Mr. Nice Guy|was blowin' up, man.
{1965}{2042}We got customers|from all over New York.
{2043}{2110}We even stole a few from Sa

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