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Podnapisi :: Head in the Clouds

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Head in the Clouds v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 22.759 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Head in the Clouds.cd1.txt

{3684}{3720}There she is.
{3772}{3838}Bonjour, madame. How much for a reading?
{3848}{3923}Three francs, dear,|and it's written on the door.
{3955}{3987}I'm sorry.
{4340}{4375}I cannot see.
{4408}{4483}We've got to go. We're late.|We'll miss the bus.
{4488}{4528}Thank you, madame.
{4847}{4885}What do you see?
{5028}{5082}I see your 34th year.
{6080}{6109}Shut up.
{6255}{6295}That's the porter.
{6301}{6368}He spotted me as I was making my getaway.
{6452}{6517}These are first-year rooms, aren't they?
{6547}{6592}They're very luxurious.
{6599}{6663}The ones at Yale are like monk's cells.
{6744}{6819}"Aristotle and Virtue." Oh, God, I'm sorry.
{6821}{6904}It doesn't matter.|Of course it does. I ruined them.
{7084}{7144}It's getting heavier out there, huh?
{7146}{7248}Do you mind if I stay here till it eases off?|No. Of course you can.
{7264}{7351}I go out with one of the dons.|I know. Julian Ellsworth.
{7360}{7442}We just had an awful row.|I can't go back to hi

Head in the Clouds.cd2.txt

{1868}{1936}Poor bastards. They didn't stand a chance.
{2704}{2742}My dear Gilda...
{2758}{2834}...yesterday, in an ambush|behind the enemy lines...
{2846}{2909}...I killed a young Nationalist soldier.
{2928}{2985}How inadequate those words seem.
{3018}{3086}He was clutching a locket when he died...
{3087}{3148}...with a photograph of a young woman.
{3175}{3262}I suppose, as I write this,|she's waiting for news of him...
{3295}{3351}...hoping against hope he is safe.
{3378}{3417}Dearest Gilda...
{3430}{3501}...still no word from you,|which breaks my heart.
{3528}{3604}I know that to you all wars are useless...
{3612}{3685}...and for us to risk our lives is a betrayal...
{3688}{3738}...of ourselves and of you.
{3786}{3837}But my country's a part of me.
{3839}{3920}And if I was not here,|I would be betraying myself...
{3924}{3973}...and even more, my brother.
{3993}{4027}Believe me...
{4029}{4103} bei

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 Head in the Clouds

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