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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Hostel v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 15.447 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{3359}{3414}Amsterdam, motherfucker.|Okay.
{3419}{3461}Come on, let's go.|Where are we going?
{3465}{3513}Red-light district. Time for sneepur.
{3517}{3579}Let's go to the coffee shop first,|then get some sneepur.
{3583}{3638}Hey, I think the Anne Frank|house is around here.
{3713}{3756}Did we come to Europe|just to smoke pot?
{3760}{3797}I came all the way from Iceland.
{3801}{3863}Yeah, what if we did?|We did that every day in college.
{3867}{3919}Why not, like, you know,|check out a museum?
{3923}{3971}No, you're right.|We should go to a museum.
{3975}{4005}How about the hemp museum?
{4111}{4153}Oli proudly presents...
{4269}{4299}She's cute.
{4303}{4384}But we can't rail a girl|who's in a coma.
{4388}{4442}I think that's illegal|even in Amsterdam.
{4447}{4516}Hey, I'm just warming up, man.|Fucking Oli.
{4520}{4571}The Icelandic...|Oh, God, how are you?
{4575}{4666}You want to get stoned?
{4679}{4739}This will wake you up.|What the fuck?


{108}{155}You should come.
{314}{363}Hey, Josh, call me|soon as you get this, man.
{367}{421}I got locked in that club.|It was retarded, dude.
{425}{464}I'm at the hostel.
{1577}{1605}You little fucker.
{2054}{2096}Wait at hostel for your friends.
{2100}{2160}They will look for you there|no matter what.
{2164}{2266}Yeah, I know. But, see, my friend|Josh is the kind of guy who...
{2270}{2362}He just wouldn't check out without|so much as leaving a note, you know.
{2382}{2428}He's the responsible one.
{2432}{2504}Yeah, but maybe he worried|his belongings get stolen...
{2508}{2557} he take them when he go out.
{2561}{2621}Someone misplace if he leaves note.
{2637}{2671}It is not uncommon.
{2738}{2799}Yeah, well, is there|anything else that I can do?
{2831}{2894}There's nothing right now.
{2904}{2933}We have his picture...
{2938}{3015}...if we see him, or he is picked up,|or something happen...

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